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Cooking rice by oven Videos

How To Make Rice Pudding - Oven Method

Rice Pudding, called Arroz Con Leche in Spanish, is made by Chef Remy using the oven method. It is made easily, quickly, and economically with only four ...

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This looks like the Pennsy Dutch oven method with raisins I learned in Ohio. It was a lot of work, took frequent stirring, but there was never any waste -- it was all devoured, a labor of love. Thank you, because other methods I have seen just do not yield such a rich, creamy full pudding. The eggs and evaporated milk are needed. I can get raw whole milk here in France, from goats and horses, and that might be the way to go. The raisins seemed to add a lot but wow it took often stirring!
This looks like a great way to make rice pudding. I will try it soon. Also I really like the titles used here. Not only flashy but easy to read the ingredients. Thanks

Cooking rice with a 36" Parabolic solar oven

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pretty neat, thanks for sharing.. leads me to wonder what sort of temperatures you can achieve with a pressure canner set up.
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