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Good witch doctor builds diablo 3 inferno Videos

Diablo 3 Turbo Chicken! Witch Doctor Bounty Build 2.3!

Speed farm bountys in no time! TURBO CHICKEN! //www.diablofans.com/builds/59455-2-3-turbo-chicken-bounty-farming Tip Jar!

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just wondering what are those 4 fat pigs following around? how can i summon it ? :)
tnx pineapple :)
+brian aranas Its the nagelring, probably has it equipped on the enchantress.
What does he mean locust swarm is always being casted??? how?
+Gan su watch the video again and don't skip any parts.
You skipped the legs and boots stats. What are they?
+Trey Proper I noticed this too.
Nice detailed explanation of a build that's potentially a lot of fun. We're currently looking at our options to improve the Toad of Hugeness (likely it'll be a stun instead of swallowing the prey), so that should help. Turbo Chicken FTW!
+Diablo I'm in love with this build as well and have stopped playing with anything else to focus on putting the parts together to make it work! Here's a suggestion, since you most likely have the codes for it... How about the toad chewing on the target like those monster bulldogs, shacking the target quickly for a couple of seconds. Since we can see the target, we can keep damaging it. It would not break the flow of the game, which is what happening right now! Keep making fun and out of the box builds like this one! :)
+Diablo I do not know if any of the actual team who makes the the changes will read this, but you could make it so the giant toad still use its tongue and brings an enemy to itself, but instead of eating it, it could chew it (lifting it up with its mouth) and hold it stunned for you to damage it, while the toad damages it itself.
+Anthony Evans hi! did you try if the locust swarm arachyr bonus works with wormwood? because i think you have to cast it in order to get the bonus, please reply thanks! :D
+Diablo How about the toads releasing poison of some kind? to complement with the locust swarm build
+Diablo yes maybe kind of tounge-whip-stun instead of swollowing would be a better option imo^^swollowing is a nice cc but makes the enemy immune for a while, so a stun would be a better way.
+Diablo Thanks Diablo! i love the chicken build soo much its unreal the change to the toad would be most welcome, any chance of this set performing better in Gr's in a future patch ? keep up the good work! x
+Diablo Wait , many of us do love that effect of the toad. It can be a very very useful crowd control and crowd placement since it does the very convenient task of pulling targets to it. If you want to get rid of the swallow effect , that would be ok with me, but I am not wanting the elimination of the toad pulling targets to it. Oh, and w/e you do, DO NOT, please, do not get rid of the dmg effect or debuff which targets incur after the toad pulls it.

Diablo 3 1.0.4 Hardcore Inferno solo Witch Doctor build from Bob Thewitchdoctor!

Since I'm now playing around in inferno and the patch is out buffing everyone and everything, I figured I'd go over my build for playing a solo witch doctor in ...

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I've recently swapped over to a pet/zombie bears build that is working pretty well. It's gotten me into the first parts of Act 3 at least. I also have been talking off and on with another WD who is using a circle of life/sacrifice build that is blowing everything up. lots of options with the WD class, it's pretty cool.
I use 'R' for a couple reasons. First, it's easy to get to. Mostly though, waaaaaaaaay back in the day I remember R always being the default button for replying to whispers from people in WoW and it always used to give me trouble, so for years my reply button has been 'Y' so I just continued that over into Diablo 3.
Oh I suppose, because you asked so nicely. Keep in mind that I try to only use the gear that drops, I don't really buy stuff from the AH. It won't let me add it to the comments section so I added it to the video part instead, click the link in there.
Yeah, I've tinkered with rain of frogs a tiny tiny bit... but it's been awhile. Maybe I'll give it another shot, I've had a couple different people tell me that rain of taods is awesome, might be worth a look.
I would go with the pet build that I have going. Pets got buffed so much in 1.0.4 that you can get further into the game by using them. I've been using the pet build for the last 2 weeks or so.
You have very funny way of talking (no, it does NOT sound gay, as you said in other video that some ppl say it sounds so?) - it is very funny and I like it hehe.
It this specc good or the other one you have ? the Pet specc ? im new to WD and im playing HC aswell so whats the best surv specc / dmg specc?
:) I like to 'keep it real' and 'test the integrity of spirit vessel' and things like that. What all the really means though? I kinda suck :(
lol because your helm has green tentacles on it, it looks like you pulled on out because it annoyed you, and you now use it for an offhand
Lol, it does doesn't it. Maybe it was the tenty that kept hanging down over my eyes and annoying me so it got yanked out... stupid tenty!
Haha, thanks. No one else has told me that I sound gay, I just think I do when I sit and listen to the videos during my editing.
It works really well, of course pets do now too so my timing with this video is a little off but oh well.
Darts is awesome and all, but you should try out rain of toads with this. Works through walls + it's aoe!
Interesting. Let us know how it works out, new builds are always welcome.
What do you use as your move button binding?

Witch Doctor Inferno Tank Build - Diablo 3

Subscribe: //www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=internetkidzgaming Our Website: //www.internetkidzgaming.net Join Us on Facebook ...

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Look at what I originally said.. I realized you posted before the new patch, and now that the patch had come out, and this comment was high up on this video, figured I would post that, with the new patch, this works well. I was giving feedback in regards to the new patch and this spec. That was the point, was to update what previously might not have worked to say it works now. You just got mad for no reason, so I said you were super cool to try and make you feel better. cookie - (>^-^)> (::)
Why do you use Big Bad Voodoo when it can only be used 15% of the time... If you can survive 85% of the time without it then why have it in there? I would also find myself saving voodoo for champion packs to try and get a better use out of it but then I had to spam spirit walk to get the benefits of vision quest. I like to save spirit walk as an escape. In your comments you considered replacing Grasp of the Dead with Soul Harvest. Why not keep grasp and replace voodoo? 2nd Opinion?
neone who spends money on a game needs to learn what a game is. buying ur shit defeats the purpose of playing a game entirely but ya neways. ya showing stuff in act 1 aint gonna help. since neone can do act1. and if they can't they need to play more. but ya ima put my barb gear which luckly has intel on it. luls, and try it out act 4. hope it works cuz a w d with the same amount spent in gear as a barb will clear alot eazier. and since my barb is technically more geared then my wd.
Burning Dogs and Big Stinker also work very well with life on hit. The additional weapon dmg that ticks scales very well with loh. they both have good Cooldowns and work well with VQ builds. Even if the dogs only last 15-20 secs before being annihilated during that time you regen immense amounts of health. the big stinker can last a pretty good while, usually past its cooldown. U essentialy get more CC and more life back with burning dogs then with hex/hedge magic.
Just killed Diablo using the tank gear and a modified build with plague of toads and haunt, and spirit vessel replacing bad medicine. Took me well over 20min, over 20 potions but did it in the second try, just plain survivability and decent equipment (55k hp, 11.5k dps, 600 resi, 1.5k life on hit, 1k life per sec). If your strategy above works, a vid would be awesome. I relied on poison darts/bear build for most of Act 2/3/4 bosses. Cheers
Strength is far from useless for this build as it increases armor. As a tank WD that can solo act 3/4 in Inferno Vit/All Resist/Armor are some of the most important things you can look for. Also you can manage without the Justice Lantern and Helm of Command if you go Bears/Acid Cloud. Bears for damage and Acid Cloud for LoH "oh crap" moments. Two different builds but both of them are tanky and both want same stats
Quick heads up, damage done by monsters overall has been reduced (Act2,3,4 Inferno), potentially making it possible to sac some resist for DPS stats which will be nice with enrage timers. I will test this and get back to everyone. Also with the IAS nerf this should be an even more viable build as that stat is generally ignored for this build. Just stack more regen and LOH with crit DPS stats potentially.
Good video, nice explanation of the effectiveness of the "Tank Docta". One question, however, have you tried any other Passive skills in this build? It seems like Vision Quest is a little unnecessary because you don't have any real mana intensive spells. With this build and your regen capabilities, I would think Blood Ritual would be a good substitution. (Just my opinion, of course)
Yes, but you can also keep vision quest in effect by spamming soul harvest instead of voodoo, just like the other skills in this build, and you can receive the benefits of it 100% of the time. Soul harvest gives you a damage buff plus the benefits of whatever rune you choose. Its just another way to look at it. All comes down to play style I guess. Either way, this is a good guide.
In addition to my other comments, hedge magic seems worthless, such a small heal. Hedge magic heal is about the same as 1 to 2 hits if you have decent LOH. Kind of worthless with a LOH build. Jinx seems more viable with the 20% increased damage. Very nice with packs since you still get the CC and you are essentially spamming AOE with this build so you will hit the Jinx target.
Liked the vid and am trying the spec, but have a couple of questions. Grasp of the dead with unbreakable grasp does not seem to make sense. The extra slow seems to be more for a kiting build not the tanky build. Wouldn't Rain of Corpses be a better rune for the LOH? Big bad voodoo is nice for the vision quest, but would fetish army be better for the dps?
I can absolutely vouch for this build and gear style. I geared myself very similarly, but slightly better over all stats, and solo'd azmodan standing in everything and got halfway through act 4 solo pretty easily without having any problems with health or anything. This is with the new patch, works very well now that there are no enrage timer.
Ok wow, alot of views. I will make an act 3 video with as many different types of packs and trash as I can today with this gear to show how it hold up in act 3. It should be up today or tomorrow so keep checking back. This works ok on act 3 but act 4 I probably need another 5k DPS and 200 resist all to really be viable.
This was my thoughts as well, I had basically stopped playing due to WD being so terrible. This gear was pretty intense a few months ago, and I still couldn't really blast through act 4 the way I wanted. Now with no enrage timers its a joke. Now that 1.0.4 dropped I have been messing with my WW barb actually
Hi there, have you heard about "D3Max Out Turbo" (search on Google for it)? On their website you can watch a nice free video showing the right way to speed run Diablo 3. This made it possible for Pete to speed level in Diablo 3 and max out his character very fast. Perhaps it will work for you too.

Diablo 3 - PS3 - HARDCORE Witch Doctor Inferno MASTER3 (MP8) Ubers/Farming Skills and Items

Check out the stream at //www.twitch.tv/rankil This is a breakdown of the skills and runes I use to do Master III ubers and farming runs in Diablo 3 for the ...

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Go into the game options, gameplay, then you will find a check box for "elective mode" and this will allow you to put any skill in any slot. Will also allow you to pick multiple skills from the same category as well. While you're there, put on the advanced tooltips to get more detailed information on the skills and abilities.
Hey, I have diablo 3 on the ps3 as well. could you possibly play diablo 3 with me on hardcore mode? I have a level 6 monk. I would love someone good to play with. My PSN: MangBakkLau
Hi ive got 2 zunimassa stuff that you dont have and you got 2 that i dont have as well. i can make copies for my items, can you give yours 2 and ill give mine 2 zunimassa stuff?
Yes please help me understand. Ive been trying to beat the game on Hardcore Inferno Master V and the gear that drops is USELESS against any boss...any thoughts or advice?
Ive already beaten the game on normal with a berserker (compared to you uys im not even a novice), you mentioned something called paragon, whats that?
how did u put locus swarm in a different slot. [email protected]
How did u get thing from the deep

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Power Leveling Build 1.0.8

Super strong witch doctor power leveling build enjoy! 1.0.8 Support Meh!

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Rubies are better for a weapon as oppose to emeralds if you have lower crict hit chance ? 
+Anthony Evans ahhh ok i see.Thanks for your videos, i've learned quite a bit from them
Yes use ruby if under 50%
i level with ur firebat build :D but with skorn.
skorn works great! i use it alot :)
it's on hell thou
true but used a similar build for mp5
is this guide also useful for running in inferno as well ? 
this builc can work on inferno but only up to id say mp5

Diablo III Builds: Witch Doctor "The Rainman"

This goes over the build (and its variations) I used to beat most of the game leading up to Inferno. My hope is that this will help the Witch Doctors out there that ...

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nice build but i've found while leveling that this might work better: corpse spiders, rune: widowmaker(mana)/zombie charger rune: wave of zombies (HUUGE dmg melee range)/spirit walk rune: honored guest(extra mana)/zombie dogs rune: life link(very little damage to hero)/gargantuan rune: restless giant(good dmg & tank)/soul harvest rune: siphon(mana) also, Fetish Sycophants, (good dmg + fooder) Spirit Vessel(more escapes & saves ur life) & Zombie Handler(less dmg taken + better tanks) try it out!
This will not work later in inferno just with out cheat death you will just die easly, also vision quest is almost a must to all builds, i don't understand why you use 2 abilities that are very cheap on mana (rain of toads and dart) i levled with splinter darts + locusts swarm with pestilence, this worked awesome during whole hell act 3-4 since locusts swarm spread to everything, a very overlooked ability. at inferno act1 just go zombie bears, no point not to. later in the game join pugs :)
9 second inferno butcher kill and 1 hit inferno butcher kill ARE all feasible for people to "showoff" how fast they kill butcher. Yes, there is a 1hit inferno butcher kill vid here on youtube, go check it out. In reality, You cant really farm up to 5nv in inferno with Z bears because of how fast your mana depletes even with Vision Quest...Well, Im sure you could, but you are definitely gonna take longer than a WD thats on darts.. As boring as it sounds, splinter darts are the way to go.
Personally, Ive been farming Inferno with WD, you dont see a lot of WDs in inferno.. And boy are my pals glad for the Crowd control i provide, with hex, down to confuse and even fetish army acts as a form of CC. Current build with WD is at 35k DPS, 52K health and 55%DR with around 50-60%AR. Build your WD as a tankish dpser, dont do it like a glass cannon.. IT is not feasible. I breeze through act 1,2 of inferno.. still die a little in act 3, and I dont bother farming on act 4..
You're comparing MOBA's to Diablo III, a hack and slash game. MOBA's are competitive player versus player games; they only have a few buttons, but also an in-depth metagame. They require you to master the skill sets of many champions/heroes + learn how to counter literally 100+ others depending on the game. They also require you to work with a team of players, learn maps + game modes, and dozens of other mechanics.
Hey D4NNYB0Y1066, My build is basically the same as yours but i'm a lvl 54 WD. My equips gave me a total of around 47% mana regen so I can abuse Vision quest with this build. Primary is Poison dart/Splinters, secondary is Zombie charger/Zombie bear, Soul Harvest/Siphon, Big Voodoo/Rain dance, Gargantuan/Big stinker. Passive is (Vision Quest) (Spiritual attunement) (Spirit vessal).
dude vision quest is 300% mana and all u need is 4 cooldowns at a time whch case i use hex/soul harvest/bigbadvodoo/gargantuan/plague of toads/zombie bears i only have about 500 life per hit and 500+ all resistence basically and can survive against elite mobs in a1 solo without any other teammate with me life per hit combined with plauge of toad is boss
They are popular games that millions play and enjoy, and have absolutely no negative critism. They all require big amounts of skill in order to advance in but they are played with few buttons, so what? What do I care that you don't play any of those anyways, I proved my point, games with few buttons can be challenging and worthy of being played.
Depending on which act you are on, you switch your skillset to either a more defensive or offensive build. Spirit walk is an essential active skill throughout. Passive skills can be set at Spirit Vessel, a 2nd life always works here, Jungle fortitude, just because you get 20% DR and pierce the veil for a good additional dps increase.
A patch increased gratly the mana regen. Now I can cast rain of toads forever: my mana regen faster than it is consumed. I use spirit walk too with the extra time rune. It's the more useful skill by far, + spirit vessel passive. I use zombie bears to explode enemies in melee range. And when thing gets really ugly I use fetish army.
Despite that plenty of people have no interest in MOBAs, and they (MOBAs) absolutely have received their fair share of criticism. In other words you are comparing apples and oranges. A few buttons can work in some games and fail in others. If a player dislikes that style of gameplay that is their prerogative. Fun is subjective.
Why is EVERYONE such sheep and all go for that overrated Zombie Bears? Has anyone really tried the Acid Rain [blob Rune]?? It is almost the same OP dmg AND you can stay @ range... my build for inferno act2+ is Spiritwalk/Soul Harvest/Mass Confussion/Hex and then Mouse Firebomb/Acid Rain. Works very very well.
The reason I chose spirit vessal is because I will always have Big voodoo and Gargantuan on cooldown. So before a fight I just activate Spirit walk and then soul harvest to have that window of 4 cooldowns for vision quest. That's where Zombie bear spam comes in for the mob kills. :D
oh this is fun ... man I would love to see how hard you droped back to reality when you started plaing inferno ... nice vid for peps that can't put 1 + 1 together and find out how they can lvl up without ddropping dead 24/7 *sorry for the english, not my first or second language ^^
I'm in inferno act 1, and I just switched to this build (bears and hex as primaries). I still have an incredably hard time with rares and champs. Now I have a lot of attack speed % to buff my damage, but does that mean I use way more mana and use my abilities more often???

Diablo 3 Fetish Horde Greater Rifting Witch Doctor Build 2.2.0

Fetish army horde melee pet build! Support Meh! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=YR9DTAJTY2EF2 My Website ...

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Someone dupe me this set plz I've been trying to get it for weeks!!!! Xbl VirusELITE XIII
+james austin use your Kanai's cube, you'll have the whole set in 15 minutes...
Why not belt of transcendence. It's one of the best belts for WD. I run it and I'm overpowered. 
+Leland Bullard because he still gets his fetishes up fairly quick so he doesn't need it, so he can get attack speed and crit damage instead
Hi mate. Sorry for my english... But! I play as a wd like 300hrs and my max hit with full zunimassa is only 90mln on 530 paragon and 1,6 mln dmg. How is it possible that u have that kind of SICK dmg?! And second q,why ur mana is all the time on full? I hit haunt like 20 times and have 0 mana :( Great video! Cheers mate.
+Presquevu you need to use Rush The Essence
Hey I'm new to Diablo so I just barely started playing this class. I like your build but i don't get how you put your skills that way. Aren't you supposed to have a primary like jar of spiders or poison dart? Why do u have two defensive? 
You can turn on elective mode in the options menu probably under gameplay or something it allows you to run any skill in any tree so you can run all primary and a secondary if you wanted but it would be dumb. It can create some crazy builds.
i wish my witch doctor was that powerfull . i started diablo 3 4 days ago
+Pplayed Keep at it; you'll get there! :D
Anthony hello. I have the question for u. Does Piranhas cold rune works with zuni 6 pieces set bonus same as Zombie Piranhas rune?
+Arturas Logvin yes
does haunt proc bane of the trapped?.
+niwatorimeat Damn your right, the slowed indicator does show up, even Poison slows, I stand corrected good sir.
You can test it in-game to see the "slowed" message pop up, even with Poisoned Spirits.
+Christopher Kent Do you have any evidence?"As with some other Cold skills, Haunted enemies are Chilled by 60%, as long as Elemental Damage type remains Cold." - //diablo.wikia.com/wiki/HauntIs this information incorrect?
+Vladimir Sabo Yes, Haunt does proc Bane of the Trapped; don't give our fellow WD's the wrong answer! The Chill effect from the base Haunt spell remains, no matter what Rune you select, even when the elemental damage type changes.
+joeri bertels no.

Diablo 3 - Bolg's Inferno Witch Doctor Build

Click here to see if your channel qualifies for RPM Network/Maker Studios: //awe.sm/fEaUn This is a video I made by request. Feel free to let know know ...

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Hey, have you heard about "D3max OutTurbo" (just search on Google for it ...)? There you will find a good free video explaining how you can speed run Diablo 3. It made it easier for Jack to speed level through Diablo 3 and thus max out his character very quickly. It may help you out as well.
Another strong substitute for corpse spiders is the Firebomb with the double bounce and replacing horrify with the Spider queen. If you do this it's more of an aoe build and it will demolish Act 1 with ease. The hex/horrify/wall come in handy in the later acts for survival though.
I'm a huge fan of Soul Harvest with Siphon actually. It wasn't until I ran groups that I subbed out for Horrify actually. For solo play it's a little risky at times but it's completely viable if you ask me.
Especially since the majority of the population plays on Hardcore now. That would be no good at all. =D
I'll aim to line up another loot video, just have to save up some unidentified gear first ^^.
i dont like to die at all , makes me feel bad :D
Np, I look forward to your thoughts on it ^^.
Thanks for the video.. shall try the build.

Diablo 3 - Witch Doctor Inferno Builds - Experimentation

I play around a bit with a few builds and see what the deal is.

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Im WD act 3 inferno half way thro and way to go is: 1. Zbears 2. Dart(Mana dart/ splinters(for boss battles) Reason for mana is zbears 3. Spirit Walk(healing Journey b/c u need every bit of hp u can get ) 4.Grasp of Dead(Unbreakable grasp slow down you enemies and really short cd so u can keep using) 5. Soul harvest(siphon,agan health and more dmg) 6. Wall of zombies(barricade, when your running from elite pack u can block hall way,not letting them pass, and spam zbears,) Visionq,Spiritves,viel
I'm mid Act 2 and I'm really liking my current build. I mod it for boss fights, but I can normally take on most elites without issue. Splinters, Unbreakable grasp, Fetish(Devoted or ambush), Z Bears, SW- Jaunt, SH-Siphon, Spirit Attune, SV and VQ. I rotate between Spiritual Attune and Veil, but I notice that having a few more bears is doing more good than the extra damage. I also prefer having Splinters instead of another CC, though I'm considering wall. I also switched to a lot of mana regen.
Im clearing act 4 inferno atm with my WD, i got 48k dps 17k hp. imo its a better idea to go for damage since in inferno u get 1 shotted either way. I was using a locust swarm/poison cloud build for acts 2 inferno, and it worked really well. I have experimented with lots of builds, and the skills i find irreplaceable are shadow walk, dart with splinters, and the passives pierce the veil and spirit vessel. Latelly wall of zombies with Pile on works miracles for me, i definitelly recomend it.
my build that does pretty well if your careful: left click- darts/splinters, right click- zombie charger/bears space bar-spirit walk/ healing journey "a" key- soul harvest/vengeful spirit "s" key- big bad voodoo/slam dance "d" key- fetish army/fetish ambush passives: gruesome feast, spiritual attunement, pierce the veil use spirit walk offensively into pack, get 5 souls and zombie bear them/ dart em. use voodoo and fetish for specials/elites. its worked for me so far, not into inferno yet
Ever since the game was released I've been playing WD the most, since all my friends took the other classes and witch doctors look kinda awesome. Well, I don't mean to say WD's are bad, it's just that all the effective builds are so boring to use in inferno. Either vision quest zombie bears or CC and dart spam (fft fft fft). My solution to this problem was simply to: level a wizard to level 60 and hand over all the gear. Here I am as a lvl 60 wizard having way more fun and an easier time.
It's nothing if you have it or more :P but I don't. And damn I need moar to get my inferno staff of whimsyshire. But grinding for grinding's sake is something I've always hated. And no, I've never had to do it in Diablo 2 (and no, I didn't use any hero editor either). Also, I finally got a legendary drop with my wizard that she could use only to see that it was not as good as the blue single handed weapon + rare shield. Oye... and also find there are a TON on the AH and sells for crap.
pets needs defensive stats to make em viable in inferno.. i made them viable in act II and a bit in act III by having 12k armor buffed by 100% armor buff horrify rune 30% dodge chance unbuffed 700 resist all unbufed 2872 life regen per second unbuffed.. 48khp with life regen big bad voodoo they could tank in act III to a limited time enough so that their cooldowns would be over for me to resummon.. cost of gears? 120 million .. so yeah it takes alot to make pets viable right now
WD are awesome. Soul Harvest is the most useful spell they have. The darts are amazing if you have the splinter rune. Zombie dogs are good, so the enemy attacks them instead of you. Bats or Locust swarm are worth having. For soul harvest, have the first rune for it. Have the suicide zombie or what ever it's called. And there you go, a pretty good WD. Soul harvest is so good and useful. Make sure you have a lot of intelligence for stronger damage. :)
" us.battle. net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#afUdZP!fUe!acZZab" Here you go :) The difference is you will need to pop your cds more often to get the Vision Quest buff, but this also gives you the power to use more skills more often If you get in trouble. That means you actually can change the direction according to the champion groups somehow and your mana can be stable. Oh btw stack attack speed for splinters to summon more Fetish Sycophants.
Nice, honest video. I use the same build with the locusts except I swap acid cloud for Hex, which is a pretty good and reliable CC for mobs that get too close. It would be great to see experimentation with gear combinations that focus on resists, vitality, DPS. I spent money on resist gear, but the returns were minimal. I hear of zero resist WDs doing well with a DPS focus approach.
When your starting out in inferno pretty much do all you can to survive and worry about damage when you can afford/find better gear. Once you begin doing decent damage combine this with life steal and you will be surprised about how much your bears can heal you. This will allow you to maximise your damage while also tanking you WD. Let me know what everyone thinks :)
i use this build: poison darts with splinters firebats with dire bats spirit walk with honored guest soul harvest with siphon wall of zombies with creepers gargantuan with bruiser this build i have come to act 3 now and i have about the same dps as you this is my recommendation and make sure you are prepared for act 2.... act 2 is a whole other world than act 1.
They nerf Wizard, but ya :\ blah. Wizard's Arcane "OP" aspect wasn't even really OP, was just strong vs slow heavy hitters, against fast weaker hitters or against it failed hard. Bleh Blizzard. But ya, already starting my WD leveling (not just cause it will do a ton better in inferno, but cause I actually do like minion type heroes :P I miss Necromancer).
im usually going for spirit walk, wall of zombies(barricade) fetish army, voodoo, splinters, and locust swarm. Depends on the situation i swap some skills around, if i am not playing in a party, i might replace voodoo for something else, if i need more AoE i replace fetishes with poison cloud etc.
I'm currently playing a Witch Doctor and I'm only level 42 on nightmare... Not having a hard time or anything I'm just having mana issues. I can only cast about 7-9ish Direbats before I'm oom (unless I cast Big Bad Voodoo). Should I be using Mana regen items or is it just because I'm a low level?
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