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Working dtunes Videos

Spicy -- Lenu (Prod. By Dtunes)

free nollywood movies at //freenollywoodtv.com Spicy -- Lenu (Prod. By Dtunes) Spicy indeed has all it takes and is currently working his way steadily into ...

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This is d jam... your party banger!!!!!!!!!!
nice beat....not bad atall!!! congrats

How to Fix dTunes (4.0 and Above)

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"Downloads" is not a 100 percent alternative to "dTunes" because you cannot download torrent files through "Download" which I found very disappointing because the only reason I downloaded "Downloads" was to download torrents because you said it was the alternative to "dTunes". Is there any other programs or apps out there that download torrent files from the iPhone to the iPhone like dTunes claim they do???????? Please help...
This is pretty good for replacing dTunes, but it still isnt as good. dTunes would run in the backround. But, if you want this app to run in the backround too, go to Cydia, and install Backgrounder. Once you get that, go into the Download app and hold down the home button, until a pop up appears. Now, it will run in the backround. Repeat the steps to turn Backgrounder off.
i just subscribed to your channel it's great ok i watched your video on cracked apps and downloaded hackulous.us then downloads also downloaded installous 4 but none of them worked i'm afraid there outdated my goal was to get music on dtunes ant get downloads app for free can you do a updated version of how to do this so it works for youtube viewers
@anim3l0v3r101 yes it does.. if you click back in the Downloads app to look for a different song then it will turn off. But if you have the song playing just click the home button or lock your iPhone and it will continue. Im assuming you have a device that is capable of multitasking.
I just downloaded a torrent and on a mac this torrent would open in Preview or iPhoto. However, on my iPod it says I do not have an application to open the file with, do you know any application that would open a downloaded picture file?
Very nice. thanks very much. You dont accually need the pay crap. if you have installus, you can get the download manager stuff for free there. Safari isnt there, but just regular 'download manager pro' works perfect!
hey man great vid but does it work on imobilecinema... ill check it out and will post a comment if it does but thanks. now how to transfer them to the music library so i can listen to it all at once
great video! i got a couple questions tho, 1. does the music get synced into itunes when connected to your computer? 2. can i add those downloaded songs to my music library? thanks
Don't even try to get mewseek u have to pay £9.99 to get as many songs as u want and when u download it u can get ten songs for free after that they will force u to pay for it
@bobberman09 with the new update you dont even need that. just download "downloads" from the appstore and you should be good
Ummmmm....I keep trying to download downloads on installous 4 but it keeps saying invalid IPA when I try to install it.
when you have the app 'downloads' is there a way to get the music from that to the music app? like ssh it or something?
i need the source someone should put that in because i need a new place to put all my pirated videos ha ha ha :)

Dtunes Ft. Iyanya - Nothing Mega

Iyanya and his old time producer, D'Tunes are rumored to be working together on a collaborative LP set to be dropped next year. Off the compilation are this too ...

DTunes Ft. Iyanya - Sukuma

Iyanya and his old time producer, D'Tunes are rumored to be working together on a collaborative LP set to be dropped next year. Off the compilation are this too ...


Alternatives for iTunes (dTunes)

dTunes is a new application which can get from Cydia for free. It is same to iTunes. dTunes will help you to download music and video files just for free. Torrent ...

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Is there anything on cydia that can put free music on my actual music list?
Video Sucks!! What about video and torrent part!!!
keeps crashing. I guess not supported anymore
What if i cant find dtunes
@Jonny link tunes

FACTORY78 - D -Tunes interview

Subscribe it's free: //www.youtube.com/user/F78tvNews... Subscribe it's free: //www.youtube.com/djfactory78 Follow us: https://twitter.com/factory78 Like ...

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D'tunes BABA!

An alternative for dTunes!! [Good Quality]

This was recorded by my friends ipod touch 4g / its soo sikk the megapixels are great!! Anywayz the alternative for dTunes is "Downloads" you can get it off of ...

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@Angelgio92 - um i never got that before, but ill help u in any way for u to subscribe :) - if it goes to var/library/download/library... then download "iFile" from cydia and go through it, follow "var/library/download/library..." you can find your downloaded file there.. wait but if ur thing is not hacked then download "downloads lite." its still good. :) when you want to download a file then just hold the link until this "download" thing pops up and click download then download ur file :) sub
Cuz safari download manager doesnt download evrything - ( PDF..VIDSZ..,ETC) lol i prefer getting the "Downloads" app :)
@tocooltobejohn - if it's a link then Hold it until it says download kk.. (should be about 2 sec.) kk plz subscribe
u fag this video suck BIG JUCIE DICK make a new u loser
why wouldnt u just use safari download manager...
thx. does this work for videos. i subscribed btw
every given sunday playin in the back, good call
@rileydaman807 Thnx man, and yeah it does :D
Can you put movies on this app like dtunes?
@SnowboardSinsation lol yeah you cud
Can u get it on your music library?
@iromir - lol yea subscribe :D
@dizzyd1250 yeah, thats ok too

Best alternate (fix) to dTunes and/or Downloading Music from Safari

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ok heres the thing boss prefs not working.. dtunes not working...and safari download pluggin seems to be not working either .... im at 4.1 firmware..... i try to download videos from random sites and it just plays the video. it doesnt give me the option to download it or play it... it just plays it... whats wrong what can i do... i need help...
Can some one please help me, whenever i try to download movies from dtunes i download them but when they finish downloading all i get is a file that i cant do anything with but delete. Its getting really annoying!!!
@mullymyster Go to Cydia, search and download iPocketTV. you should be able to play mp4's from here
@hick245 do a system restore. anything else might mess it up even more :/
If you watched this video you wouldn't have to worry about all of that!!!
"so your gonna search for a song..." *typing* i am a walrus.....hahaha
just download mewseek off of cydia
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