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Fender jaguar schematic Videos

Fuzz Face 69 with bright/dark switch, own schematic based on Arbiter

Here is a clip of my new stompbox build, this one is being shipped next week. Yes, there are some solid wires in the picture, I switch the from bread board to ...

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I had a look but I cannot find the schematic. I know I based it on this one: //www.aronnelson.com/gallery/main.php?g2_view=dynamicalbum.PopularAlbum&g2_itemId=579 You basically add another input capacitor and add a switch that lets you choose which input capacitor you would like. smaller value = more bass. It's very easy, hey why not have 3 caps?
Could you send me the schematic for this? I wuld like to try and build this pedal.
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