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Ou kent football game Videos

Ohio University Marching 110--September 2007

The Ohio University Marching 110 performs during halftime at the OU vs. Kent State football game on September 29, 2007.

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@OUbobcat10 Not hating on the 110 at all...it's actually pretty nice to actually see a Midwest show-style highstep band keeping the faith. Still think that Jackson State and Southern are better with their drills and their overall entertainment value, though. Wouldn't mind seeing Ohio U heads up with the 'Boom or the Human Jukebox any day.
Maybe you should try to enjoy something for what it is? I could say, "Man, the buckeye band is horrible, they're not fun to watch. They should focus on entertainment". But that's not what they do. They're a precise military style. The 110 is an entertaining machine. Although this recording does suck, I admit...
hey omyballshurt. Just bc someone is white doesnt mean they cant dance. And yess the 110 is better then all of them. Quality of play plus entertainment. U really have no clue. Go bobcats!
haha thats a joke. I'm sorry, as good as they are, the marching 110 will never, ever be the best damn band in the land.
No one will; they're just better than all the rest.
Nice drill....Patterns In Motion Book.
I agree.

smallville clark saving chloe during football game

all rights go to warner bros.

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Clark played this scene PERFECTLY! He used his X-ray vision to find the open man, then he went to go save his best friend Chloe from behind the bleachers, broke the handcuffs, then got back in position. That is absouletely the FASTEST I've ever seen Clark from in the entire series for sure.
+Derek Mathews One of my favorite episodes from Season 4
did anyway saw dean from supernatural - via YouPak(.com)
+Olympia Rogers Exact same reaction.
+ItsSarah G Jensen Ackles [Dean] played the high school coach for a few episodes before they offered him Supernatural.
+ItsSarah G I saw him and had a mini panic attack. ITS DEAN!!! asdfgh
+HeyItsSarah lol I saw him but the funny thing is I saw him first here and later in Supernatural I was like OMG I saw him somewhere
como se llama la cancion de el principio???
+DAVID VALLE tanks !!
boulevard of broken dreams de greenday
just like the flash
+döner bude Superman is so much different than The Flash
+Zariel Gāo wow did not know that.
I am pretty sure that push to Mxy would have killed him lol
If you are being acted upon by a large object moving thousands of miles per hour, the levels of force would be incredible.
Yeah it should've

OU Marching 110 and the Football game Alma Mater

OU Marching 110 plays fight song and sings the Alma Mater.

Ohio Football 2014: Kent State Post Game Interviews

Kicker Josiah Yazdani and quarterback Derrius Vick discuss the Bobcats 17-14 win over Kent State.

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The interview was good in a sense that I like the responses from Yazdani and Vick, but who decided the placement of the interview? Too loud 

OU Marching 110 New dance 10/1/11

Texas Tech vs Kansas Jayhawks Free Pick College Football Bet Prediction Saturday October 17th 2015

Knights Football 2008

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