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Oklahoma football only loss Videos

1977 Oklahoma 38 Nebraska 7 Highlights

Big victory against Nebraska in a year that we a 13-6 loss to Texas from going to the NC game, only to see us get pummeled by Arkansas in the orange bowl.

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J.C. Watts had a good career in the CFL....I remember him playing for Ottawa against Warren Moon of Edmonton in the Grey Cup...ironically alot of Nebraska players played in the CFL , like Vince Ferragamo, Johnny Rogers, Turner Gill etc...
being from nebraska, as a kid in the 70s the names i quickly learned to loathe were those of billy sims... and barry switzer.
Great video! I'm looking for the 1980 Oklahoma vs. Nebraska game. First college game I ever saw.
These highlights you post are awesome, keep it up.
best quality ever for age
How'd that work for ya?

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Ok had one good night, Bama has been the absolute best for years! Which team made history!
+thumbsaloft It's a lot easier to win championships when half your league SUCKS, and you schedule D2 team Georgia State late season, or the year before a D2 team, Western Carolina with a 1-11 record. That's always been true of Bama and SEC teams. I laughed by AZZ off 2 years ago when LSU brought in Western Kentucky, and W Kentucky held LSU to ZERO first downs and 12 total yards in the first half, and this LSU team played Bama for the National Championship. Neither team deserved to be in it. The "Snooze bowl" game LSU won in Tuscaloosa was the worst game I'd seen in 20 years. Bama missed 6 SHORT FIELD GOALS. Neither team's quarterback could hit a semi at 20 yards with a pass, both under threw what should have been touchdowns for interceptions. And ESPN called it GREAT DEFENSE. It was PATHETIC, but ESPN Manipulated the polls to put these two teams in the Championship game, It's all about MONEY with ESPN.
+thumbsaloft Watch the entire replay and point out plays in which the entire Bama team wasn't giving 100% effort. Even your homers at ESPN said they played their guts out, just got BEAT, soundly whipped in every aspect of the game, except the kicking game, and that was pretty much a push. Both had great kick coverage, both gave up a couple of good returns, both missed one field goal. Other than that, OU dominated the line on both sides, Knight outplayed McCarron (which shocked even me) OU's running backs were more efffective at sustaining ball control,Bama's rushing yardage came on about 3 long breakaway runs. OU's passing game was superior, with Knight hitting 5 to 15 yard routes all night. His lone interception hit his receiver in the hands. AJ's 3 interceptions were caused by a furious pass rush by Striker, Geno Grissom, and others. Bama's All American left end couldn't even slow down Striker without tackling Striker, which most of the time was ignored by officials. OU ran against Bama's middle, which everybody said was impossible. Gabe Ikard was dominant at Center, despite the fact that he was a converted tight end. OU also played without 6 injured starters. I think Bama had 2 out.  Get over it.  
we made history by putting up the most points ever against sabans bama team
+thumbsaloft  LOL, best for years?  You couldn't beat us in the Sugar Bowl, nor the regular season.  Bob has beaten you every time he's faced you, in a bowl, in Tuscaloosa, and in Norman.  You haven't been able to beat us in 51 years, kid.As far as championships?  We don't count seasons where we finished third in the conference as a national championship season (1941 - you also finished 20th in the AP that year).  We also have 44 conference championships compared to 'Bama's 27.  Yeah, you've got a slight edge on national championships, 19 to 17 according to the NCAA record book.I have all the respect in the world for 'Bama, but you don't walk on water.  OU has the 3d best winning percentage of all time (behind Notre Dame & Michigan, 'Bama is #6).  We have the best winning percentage since WW2 ('Bama is #5) and the most wins ('Bama is #6).  No team has been ranked #1 in the AP poll as many weeks as OU, nor at #1 in the BCS.  No one has as many 11-win or 10-win seasons as the Sooners.  We've only had 12 losing seasons in 119 seasons - no other team has fewer.If you want to talk respectfully, we can talk.  If you want to talk smack, we'll pass.  We don't have anything that we have to prove to you.
+GregJackP Not worried about beating someone in a consolation bowl, Bama wants Championships! 
Thumbsaloft, 'Bama hasn't beaten Oklahoma since 1962.  Thats 51 years where y'all couldn't win against the Sooners.You should listen to MTHG.  He's dealing in facts.
If you don't know what to say, I can help you......BOOMER SOONER.......Alabama got their ass kicked....hope that helped you
+thumbsaloft Barry Switzer used to say that you don't win National Championships, You schedule them. That has always been true with Alabama. They are a great team, but the bottom half of the SEC is TERRIBLE, year in and year out. Check out their winning percentage in recent years. SEC teams routinely schedule a game or two with a D2 Western Carolina, Georgia southern, etc, and often late in the season. Bama's record ALL TIME versus OU is 1 win, 1 tie (51 and 48 years ago) and 3 LOSSES, all to Bob Stoops in the last 13 years. OU DOMINATED  Alabama, and even Bama great Joe Namath said so. With A&M and Mizzou now playing in the SEC, Bama and the SEC teams are going to have to learn, and RECRUIT to play Big Xll style football. The SEC defenses have not been that great, it's just that that their was no great offensive team in the league. Bama's 360 lb D linemen were sucking wind all night when OU came to the line and snapped the ball as soon as it was placed. Why do you think that Nick Saban tried to enact a 10 second rule after the ball is placed?  Neither Bama nor LSU could move to the Big Xll and dominate the league or run the table. Look what A&M did to them in the first 8 minutes two years ago, had Bama down 20-0, and if Manziel hadn't brain farted most of the rest of the game, they would have won by 40.
+thumbsaloft Lol oklahoma has more of those too.
+Aaron Thomason Very bright, you can have your winning percentage, Bama wants Championships!
+Thumbsaloft Oklahoma has the highest winning percentage since WW2 (.764)... Alabama is (.714). Hahaha your not a bright kid are you
that was an uninformed comment......not used to winning????  typical disgruntled Alabama fan
Not used to winning are you!

Gray with Career Night in Loss to Oklahoma

Texas Tech Freshman Points Guard Josh Gray finishes with 26 points and four steals in 86-71 loss to Oklahoma.
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