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Greek salad sodium Videos

How to Identify Hidden Sodium : Greek Gourmet

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Salad Rolls

From the kitchen of Chez Tse Coating the tofu in sesame seeds gives it great texture and flavor. Look for brands with the organic label to avoid genetically ...

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In the Asian section of most grocery stores.
where did u find the wrappers at?

Sodium - How Much is Too Much?

Your Health Matters January 2012 - Learn ways to find the hidden sodium in foods you eat everyday.

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Great video!!! What is the process for removing sodium from frozen store-bought chicken breast?
That is GENIUS!!! Thank you so much!
Great question Charles!  Yes, some chicken breasts are soaked in brine before they are frozen. This can add a substantial amount of sodium.  If possible, buy fresh chicken breast. If not, try the following tips to help reduce the sodium. If you do use one of these methods, please note that it is not possible to gauge how much sodium has remained in the chicken.  1.      Thaw frozen chicken breasts submerged in water. Drain and replace the water several times during thawing. As the chicken thaws, sodium and other minerals contained in the chicken breasts are diluted by the water. For food safety, thaw chicken breasts in the refrigerator or in cold water on the counter top for less than one hour. 2.      Boil thawed chicken breasts in unsalted water with a coarsely chopped, peeled potato. The potato is concentrates sodium in a way that is easily removed. If you do not have a potato, you may change the water once or use a larger quantity of water to increase the dilution of the salt. Discard the potato after it has cooked for 10 to 15 minutes. Chopping the chicken breasts prior to boiling will increase the surface area and the rate sodium is dispersed into the boiling water. Hope this helps, Rosie Kadwell, Public Health Dietitian
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