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HK Car City.flv

Confident ride by Anthony Stephen with Hong Kong Car City - Macau Jockey Club.

【APB】【HK server】 city car race - Underground

players self team up make this race, is no any plan, is just players think mary car in the gas station, why don`t we have a race? this is the race Underground.

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hi MG PANDA its me sKorpz1o :))
im in the black :D

홍콩거리 자동차들/Hong Kong city cars/香港市内の自動車[부지런TV]bujirunTV

홍콩거리 자동차들/Hong Kong city cars/香港市内の自動車 홍콩도시를 돌아다니면서 독특한 디자인의 자동차들이 참 많았던 기억이~ 수수료없이...

【APB】【HK server】 city car race - ship race

players self team up make this race, is no any plan, is just players think mary car in the gas station, why don`t we have a race? this is the race about ship.

Hong Kong Car Ride @ Highway

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Thanx, that is refreshing to watch! Can you give a clue to what route it actually is?
Thanks for the nice and high quality video! can you do the one in HK island too?
That was Great fun to enjoy your driving experience !Thanks
Thank you :)

The Aston Martin Cygnet - Hong Kong

Filmed in Hong Kong, the Aston Martin Cygnet in action in its natural environment, the city. For more information on Cygnet please visit: ...

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If I were to choose between a smart and this car, i would choose this car in terms of overall design and materials used in this car. would i buy one? no. but the quality is there not just because its an aston martin but because of the hand crafted details I see in their product. My god the song got me to question about Eminem's song used in chryslers advertisement (following Audi - using a generic beat off of that) @_@ Lets hope eminem doesn't find this song to be copyright infringement
@rsxzx6r It is, and on top you actually get a strong badge, but it goes against the principles of Aston and unlike the Porsche Cayenne, which seemed to be against Porsche´s sports car principle, this one is not sporty at all (not that it has to be though). The real problem with this is the price, you can't sell a car as cheap as the Toyota for 30,000 pounds, even if it is build of quality materials, that is just ridiculous.
At 1:18 is that the Cygnet being passed by every other car on the road? Look, I get why AM had to make this... /thing/, just don't try to pretend it's cool. It just isn't. Fine video, shame about the subject. With any luck the director has shown enough chops to be allowed to play with real Astons for his next shoot.
I was born and used to live in HK. My parents told me unlike North America, a car is less a mode of transportation than a symbol of status. In other words, if you can't afford a decent car (ex. C-class), take public transport. The buses/taxis/mtr would pretty much get you anywhere in HK.
The Cygnet is a rebadged Toyota IQ. I am not against Aston Martin making sale cars but I really think they should have made their own car with their own technologies instead of taking one of the cheapest car if not the cheapest car that Toyota made.
The Cygnet is used for upping Aston's corporate average MPG. So that they can continue work on their true cars. I don't like that it deludes the brand. "I'm in my Aston let me fire up the throaty, ahem raspy, little Toyota engine."
Ferrari have a small car and its called a Fiat! This is shameful. Why didn't they call it something else, like Toyota did with Lexus. I do not want my Aston to be associated with small town runarounds. Shame on you Aston!
@TheCaptainHighLiner ...at least differentiate it far more from the normal IQ...not just slap on a different grille, different lights and some other minor changes....hmm..not satisfying and not convincing....
The car in general is ook, the interier is nice, the look of it is ook i guess but the price is just wayy too high, if it was low and cheap to buy then I really dont think people would complain about it :P
Why is everyone copying the chrysler 200 ad w/ eminem? The last 2/3 of this ad obviously has the same filming style and the same sort of music, this is that Audi A6 Avant ad situation all over again...
its the same as Land Rover making a lesser expensive range rover model, only way to survive is to expand like Mercedes and BMW did with offering lower level models at low prices.
Who the hell liked this? Aston Martin HK employees? Wouldn't be caught dead in this stupid ass car. Love every single other Aston Martin though. Vanquish pls...
@anonymzs It´s not even hand built, thats the worst part, it simply is a Toyota IQ with Aston Martin badges and high quality leather in the inside.
im guessing it's a car for what majority of people can afford, at least the average person now has a chance they can say they own an aston martin!
What difference does it make if Aston Martin found Toyota IQ's platform perfect for Cygnet as well? It's still an Aston Martin badged machine.
So ugly Cygnet, Aston Martin is going down i wont consider to buy a Vantage S anymore, gonna think about to buy a Maserati MC stradale
How could Aston Martin do this do themselves!?!? Destroyed years of legacy.... This is basically an overpriced Toyota iQ.....
...that awkward moment when you arrive at a stop light in your cygnet and an Aston Martin Vantage pulls up beside you
if it's an aston it's probably hand built, meaning it won't be cheap.. just a rich man's smart car i guess
@HowManyCupHolders Music certainly is...but still this is so boring even if it was of some proper aston
Her palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy... Oh there goes gravity, Oh there goes originality..
Everybody who thinks the song is an M'n'M ripoff, go kill yourselves. You are a bunch of idiots.
for the first time... I'm getting this car more. I hated it but now it's sort of growing on me
id be so embarrassed when i see a a real aston martin when im driving this toyota cygnet
@MrMadpenguin quality materials with toyota reliability?...win for city folks
the commercial would be soo cool if you would take a real aston :/
total dislike, this can't be aston martin..... :( what a waste!
If a swan sings a swansong, does a cygnet sing a cygneture tune?
Ha classic. Rego plate has my initials and date of birth
I do not see power, beauty, or soul in the Cygnet.
she doesn't hve the charisma....bored commercial..

Hong Kong Protests Mainland Car Access

According to a December survey, only 17 percent of Hong Kong residents consider themselves Chinese citizens. And with sentiment at a 12 year low, some ...

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Absolutely agree with protestants :) I was surprised that there are no any chinese cars in HK. I liked it. NO CRAPPY mainland's cars and people to HK !

【Hong Kong Walk Tour】Kowloon City 九龍城 @ Weekday's Afternoon

City walk: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?hl=en&authuser=0&mid=znkDbHQ6-cp4.k5IlSBT8TlvM original HD copy: https://youtu.be/B4W1D82pDHU.

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Thank you :)
+Joseph De Vito sure
This is GREAT. I have it on in the background this morning while I'm working. Makes work a LOT more pleasant! Thanks for your wonderful videos. Best regards from New York.
+Ted Smith glad you like this one

Hong Kong Disneyland & Ocean Park Experience (GoPro Hero3 Black)

Nice weather, sleepless city, magical disneyland, awesome ocean park, great cable car view, funny charades with the locals, sneaker street is like heaven, ...

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ocean park for boys and men = swag + class, Disney for kids = living a dream and feel like ur in paradise ._. i wanna be a kid again ==
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