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How to verify mq client installation Videos

Creating Multi Instance Queue Managers On Linux using MQv7.1

In this video I have demonstrated how to setup multi instance queue managers on Linux using Websphere MQ v7.1.Another video to verify your multi instance ...

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:When we create(mkdir) the directory /MQHA under root in NFS ,it would be created just as a directory or a separate Filesystem itself. In case its created as a directory, under which Filesystem will it reside on NFS Server ? If its not created as a FS , can we first create a seperate FS(say /EXPORTS) first on NFS and create a MQHA directory and mount /EXPORTS/MQHA to other 2 servers.
Great Video Gaurav, Thanks for posting.

MQ-202 first setup and maiden flight

Our new micro quadrocopter only 140g including battery. Controller: OpenLRS Multi with onboard radio receiver from Flytron.com Firmware: MultiWii v1.9 ...

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Amazing as usual abiler :D More to come I hope!

Installing MySQL Enterprise Monitor

See how you can begin monitoring your MySQL servers in under 10 minutes, using MySQL Enterprise Monitor. Subscribe to the MySQL Youtube channel and ...

LPG gas leak detector alarm By MQ-6

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have u used any buzzer? or the buzzer is in mq6 sensor plz replt as soon as possible......................
+prashant koirala The MQ-6 is a gas sensor. It doesn't have a buzzer. The buzzer is the black color cylinder-looking thing on the breadboard.
here is the diagram : //www.electroschematics.com/6665/gas-leak-detector-circuit/
another type of gaz I guess, you can use a cigarette lighter to test it
what is he using to test the sensor? what is that can?

Chrome 42 Beta: any-pointer/any-hover MQ feature issue

Currently, the any-pointer/any-hover MQ feature is not dynamically updated when a bluetooth mouse is paired/unpaired from a touchscreen device - even after ...

Connect your applications with IBM MQ

IBM MQ (formerly WebSphere MQ) is messaging-based middleware that provides a fast, secure and highly scalable means for sending messages between ...

Adding Ecommerce To Your Website Using The Cart66 WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

More: //opensourcemarketer.com/cart66 During this week's Open Source Marketer webinar we discuss how to add ecommerce to your WordPress website ...

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thank you guys for this info. how does this work with word press main top navigation?
Cart66 works the way you would expect. It creates some standard pages for you like, cart, and checkout pages, but you create product pages like normal WP page. That means you have complete control over the menu system as well. So being organized is important.
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