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Suzuki hayabusa gryphon Videos

Suzuki Hayabusa "Gryphon" reverse trike

Gryphon reverse trike powered by Suzuki Hayabusa motor.

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go back to basics you need smaller seats then design around the passenger with smooth flowing lines. better luck on body styling next time. good craftsmanship.
i am with you mechanicly, but the body design leaves alot to be desired---look at the peugeot 20 cup racer, give me one of those with a top, oh ya !
for something with a hayabusa motor the look is not in synch with the motor ,looks like it belongs on a golf course ,sorry !
I'm currently busy changing the bodywork with a lot of softer lines, will post photos of the new body when it's done
A-lot of work .. but take the thing off the top . and just paint it gray
i realy like the body of the Puegeot 20 cup racer
copy paste front bamp from Xbow KTM hahhaja
i just pissed myself laughing so hard!!!
i look forward to your success
How much is the wheelbase?
ugliest fucking thing

Aegis BMD (FTM-13) Stellar Gryphon Documentary

The first successful multiple, simultaneous engagement invovling two short range ballistic missiles (SRBMs). The USS Lake Erie (CG-70) successfully detected ...

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of Brazil. I congratulate the defense ministries of Japan and USA for cooperation in technology that will give more security to the Japanese people. is enough natural disasters. Korea's communist leaders are warned that their will be improved Scuds in sight. My country, with left government opened an embassy in this country of psychopaths. and strengthened the friendship with Iran. those with nuclear pretensions. And President Obama praising former predidente Lula. friend of dictators.
How does that make this out of date? SM-3 can operate independently of satellites if required. it only needs a radars on the ship as a minimum. USA and Russia have had Anti-sat missiles since the 70's. This is an Anti balistic missile missile that can also shoot down satellites and every Aegis ship can carry it. no other country has made a missile that can do both and nobody else can deploy them on the scale of anything like US and allies.
Chinese shooting down a dead Jap weather satellite in low Earth orbit (120 miles) is far from being able to shoot down any GPS sats which r at 18,000km & their companion Sats in Geo-stationary orbit at 36,000kms. It's also a lot harder to hit a satellite with maneuvering thrusters as compared to fins on missiles which need a thicker atmosphere to manuver which in high Earth orbit the atmosphere is too thin for fins to be affective
This is great but its already obselete the chinese just tested an anti sattelite missles. It was succesful. That would put us back into the 1960s. We use our sats for EVERYTHING

Gryphon - custom motorcycle

Custom motorcycle Gryphon before Iron Horse Mc-show in Nyköping 30/6 2012.

Gryphon Dynamics X8-1400 Super Test Flight 2

GD X8-1400 Super U10 T-Motor with 26" CF Prop TATTU 22000mAh x4 for 12S Paylord 1.5kg Take off : 21.5kg Flight Time : 42 minutes.

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Where do you buy the battery?

Inazuma Eleven GO! - Matte Gryphon [Matsukaze Tenma & Tsurugi Kyousuke & Shindou Takuto]

This is the Keshin Fusion between Majin Peagsus Arc,Kensei Lancelot and Sousha Maetsro. Enjoy! Also,I don't own anything!

Inazuma Eleven GO: Galaxy (Soul : Falcon [Hayabusa] VS Aqua Breath ) HD (EP 26.)

запорожец с мотором Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R K9

Есть аккаунт на youtube? подписывайтесь и подпишусь обратно и буду рад ))))Мы делаем поделки своими руками потом...
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