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Best date cars Videos

Ferrari 458 Italia Installation Date Best Cars,Auto Show 2015/2016, new car,test drive,

Crossout Vehicle Challenge! ✠ KNIFE TO A GUNFIGHT ✠ Crossout Multiplayer PC Gameplay

Crossout Vehicle Challenge! ✠ A melee only vehicle in Crossout? Is it possible? I attempt to make a melee only vehicle in Crossout with, let's be honest, less ...

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you know when you try to find a good youtube channel you first filter out the dust and crap at the top. After some time you find a golden nugget that is this channel.
+Erik Ivarsson Thanks! Glad you think so. Enjoy the videos :)
try rocket boosters, and more front spikes
+truemisto That's not a bad idea, actually. I'll have to check if I have any boosters lying about :P
Nice. Was worth it, thank you. Though I was expecting game itself to give more destruction. Maybe in future updates they add something hehe. I am looking forward for more vids :)
+Blaz Zupancic Yeah you can get decent destruction going with a vehicle like this but I need better parts to make it work.
Can you do a vehicle whis 10-50 guns on it?
+mister maxaf Unfortunately not, there's an energy limit on vehicles and different guns use different amounts of energy. I think the maximum I could do is 5 machine guns.
Can you do a kamikaze-like vehicle?
+Panzer Dusk Attack!! You're awesome!
+SnakeGamingRo I will try to :)

Date Cars: Men/ Part 3

Cars.com hits the streets to ask men which cars send the right signals on a first date. Super cars and Best cars channel, enjoy and subscribe !

Date Cars: Women/Part 3

Cars.com hits the streets to ask women which cars send the right signals on a first date. Super cars and Best cars channel, enjoy and subscribe !

Date Cars: Men

Cars.com interns hit the streets to ask men which cars send the right signals on a first date.

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I like how the guys are much less judgemental compared to the girls. Go watch the videos with the girls answering the same questions and they're so much more judgemental and condescending. Not to say these weren't judgemental but at least we're not as bad as women - judgemental as hell!
compare this video to the date cars: women and you'll see how much more superficial the women appear
Alex drives a 1999 VW Jetta and Lindsay drives a 2007 Toyota Corolla.
dude, if shes hot i dont care if she comes on a bicycle...
damn, it looks like Alex needs a raise.
1:25 my favorite comment too haha
Incorrect. Porsche = Small Penis
porshe = high maintenance
LOL tru.

Cars.com hits the streets to ask men which cars send the right signals on a first date.

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Pfft... what my car says about me? If I was dating "Emily" or "Lauren" it would say I like homely mud ducks and I have a car. Those two Mallards are bogus!
Da fuck you talkin about dude? This a video about cars and women, bring that vaccination bs somewhere else
I would date everygirl lol But the camaro girl i would have to marry cuz i drive a VR camaro lol
lol 1:26 " If you like the car so much what's wrong with the girl ?" "cause it's a girl "
0:55 "uhmmm.. think she's tryin to get awa from her husband." Hahahaha!
haha, that guy just gave himself away right there...
LMAO it took me a while to get that.
But every once in a while is okay.
LMAO!!! keep the videos coming!!
lol "cuz its a girl" LOL.
LMFAO. 1:30. "its a girl"
ahaaa sexy soccer mom

Cars.com hits the streets to ask women which cars send the right signals on a first date.

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lol in the usa everybody wishes they could affors my whip. and judging by the use of the word " tosser" ur a britt and would fancy a jag or a rangrover sport... or something small and sporty like a focous rs. anyway everybody has their own taste about cars. p.s i need the pawer to tow my yacht, lol
This is funny! . . . . but really, if the guy showed up in a clean older car that would probably be the guy to go for. He probably knows how to budget and spend wisely.
I love the women who was hating on Democrats! YOU GO GIRL!! The Sprinter comments were priceless!! Baby Mama drama, LOL!!!! Loved it, please do more of these :D .
lol yank tanks! that is kool to, i only got the navi cuz i was getting a sick deal on it cuz i was gona wait and get the 2010 taurus sho.
or what about my '09 white linclon navigator" -wealthy, -can fit 5 more friends, -dosent give a shit about the environment. ect.
Definitely agree with you there mate but people look at the exterior first of course, and first impressions matter.
You can't fit ur butt in the smart car because u ate too much at Burger KIng. May I suggest you a liposuction?
Nothing says you are in for a crazy time like datin' a republican! Yeah, they are one kinky kind of dudes.
i was hoping the show my 350z :'( oh well.. I think it works :D Last 2 fell down for it.... i guess x)
I've a '95 Ford Esocrt, what does that say about me? That I've the inability to buy anything better!
Personally, I'm not really into fancy luxury cars. I'm more into everyday and classic Yank tanks!
No, what it really says about you is that you're a tosser with no taste in luxury vehicles.

Apple Targets Electric-Car Shipping Date for 2019

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