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Austin scarlett mp3 Videos

Alesana - Apology LIVE at Red 7 in Austin, Texas @ SXSW (HD)

Thursday March 18, 2010 SXSW Showdown Artery Foundation Artists w Scarlett Ohara, A Bullet For A Pretty Boy, We Came As Romans, Bury Tomorrow, ...

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@TakA7x1999 No what the screamer does right in this band, that others do wrong in the others, is they just don't give a flying fuck about how they look appearance wise. That's what this music is usually about, losing it and just not giving a fuck. That's these guys in a nutshell. Your listening to this music for all the wrong reasons, it's a 'vocalist' not a 'screamer' and they don't have to look 'hot' to be able to play epic music. Hell they do whatever they damn please.
@DevilWearsPrada231 First off.. Shawn is easily the MOST talented person in the band, but then again he is 30 when the rest of them are earlier 20s so he has had alot more time to get good. and he may be the most talented but not the only talent. Second, this isn't his best performance, but dennis is amazing. It takes talent to have the kind of range he does.
@AdrienneCanDisco Alesana did not cut Attack attack's set time short. AA played there full length set. It was shorter then the stupid south by so shit show in frisco. But they played the same length they were supposed to. The schedule was formulated wrong and Alesana was supposed to start after breathe carolina finished. BC ran long so it pushed back the set
@DevilWearsPrada231 ...you know he was joking right ?..-.- And yes he can scream, and very well infact. Most of the screaming you hear from alot of bands is very low and you cant hear it, and most of the time their not doing it right :/. This guys screams are Real and loud. He's easily one of the best screamers i have ever herd.
DOnt hear a word that fucking idiot that screams say , DAMN this band SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS live OMFG!!!! they suck so bad... If i could scream i could sing this song better then all of them OMFG and they earn money on this shit .... Cd version is fucking amazing but this CRAP u can throw to the garbage!!!
@klantarN I´m prettty sure you can´t hear anything cause well. As you can see. This shit was filmed. Your not watching this shit live. Stupid fuck. And look at what you wrote. If i could screams. IF I COULD SCREAM. Dumb fuck you can´t even do this shit yet you put a stupíd comment. Please STFU. tHANK YOU.
Idk Why The Fuck That Gay Fag They Call Their "Screamer" Is Talking About? Hes Criticizing The Crowd When That Fag Cant Even Scream Hes The Only Reason I Hate Alesana Personally I Think They Suck So Bad Just Because Of Their Screamer The Only Talent In The Band Is Shawn
Hahaha Dennis tends to do that. I was at a show a few months back where a kid pulled him off stage and Dennis then proceeded to tackle the kid to the ground and get on top of him and finish screaming his part before climbing back on stage. (:
Can you see them smiling while crowd is singing louder than vocalists? Let's SHOW THEM HOW ALESANA FANS KNOW THEM SONGS AND HOW LOUD CAN WE SING, ON EVERY CONCERT! MAKE IT LOUD!!!! Alesana guys are in heaven in situation like that!
pendejo a bandas como alesana no les importa ser comerciales ni sugir en la escena hacen la musik q les nace no amoldandose a tontos... y ademas esta mas viva q nuk!!
@MyCrownHerEmpire I WROTE IF I COULD SCREAM U DUMB FUCK.... i just think they are worthless anywhere but the cd version..... can i have my own opinion idiot ?geeze..
what did he say about Raleigh North Carolina? And why did that fat fuck spit into the crowd? man i would have been pissed. oh and asking alexandria is awesome live!
@DevilWearsPrada231 Coming from a dude who likes hearing they same break downs over and over i don't have a problem with TDWP i just think there 2 predictable
asking alexandria sucks on stage cus there alway's drunk.....................wtf is with this band........this is upsetting me good bands sucking on stage
the 40 year old looking guy is a total butt hole! they look gross as hell. whats up with the tuxes? and is that screaming or is a baby crying?
@MrsSammZombiee plus the generic riffs they always play be because they riped it off of melodic death metal so this scene music is shit.
lmao lol around 0:37 to 0:38 it looks like he is scratching his u know what. and lol the screamer looks retarded at 0:37 if u pause it.
&DinoDyl Then you haven't heard a lot of screaming, this is ACTUAL screaming, not that overpopular shit that other people do.
@xo4everlovingu Look on my profile! All the details on what I camera I have are listed cause I get this question so much! :)
everyone stfu,they sing amazing and there screams are killer....ur all just hating because there good and your not....:D
@Astralsreams If you don't have anything nice to comment about this band then don't even leave a comment! Goodness!
insane quality! prob the best live vids ive seen so far. the fact that it was daytime may also be a reason haha
HAHAHAHAHA he said "u guys are so bad at singing" OMFG wtf is he then ? god EHHHHHHH no damn he sucks live....
i saw them live in tinley park! & shawn milke came into the crowd & i touched him. :) they're amazing live!
this is a really good video..what camera do you have? a need a new good one for taking videos at shows lol
lol! half/half. it was jump and throw but more jump from the kid part. I should know.. that was me xD

Breaking it down :)

Scarlett O'hara - BUS INVADERS (The Lost Episodes) Ep. 30

Each episode of Bus Invaders (The Lost Episodes) takes you inside the touring vehicle of one of today's top touring acts. In this episode, the hardcore/screamo ...

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love you guys
+Don Navarro (mrdontay) Thanks for watching!
"double axle, can't go wrong with a double axle." Them texans. :>
+xDreamerDreamerx Thanks for watching!!
Whoa these guys still around or is this old either way man this band brings back memories haha 
+TheRebelEight It's really old. Was filmed in 2011, which is why it's a part of our "The Lost Episodes." :)

Focusrite // Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface: Recording Jono McCleery

USB Audio Interface featuring two Focusrite preamps. For a closer look, visit here: //bit.ly/FocusriteScarlett2i2 Like our video and click 'show more' for ...

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I bought a 2i2 and after a few months of using it, it has stopped working and smells like its almost burning but its not even hot...not sure what this is, need help!
+Abe Star Sorry to hear about the issues being experienced. Please reach us through the following link so we may assist further:https://support.focusrite.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new
The code that came with my scarlett doesn't work
+Alvaro Labao It's been awhile since this was posted, but wanted to reach out. Hopefully the issue has been resolved, but, if not, please feel free to reach out to us through the following link:https://support.focusrite.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new
1: He's so good!! 2: I bought the focusrite 2i2 and it wouldn't work. I returned it and got another one. It, again, doesn't work. It's not picking up the mic. What's the problem? I really wish I could use it. Please respond I need help!
+Mackenzie Bausmith phantom power maybe? sometimes you need that to get the mic working
so if I'm using this strictly for vocals, will the 2i2 get the job done or should I opt for the 2i4?
+I'm NotHere 2i2 will be more than enough.
I just want to record vocals so is it possible that I can hear the karaoke version of the song I wanna sing in my headphones?
Yes it's will do that, but honestly if I were you then I'd try a Samson Go mic first as a starter. It's usb but very nice for beginners
+vanshika agrawal you will have to find someone who bothered recording the songs guitar part or find a guitar player to do it for you.
how does he have the echo effect on his voice? Does it come with the audio interface?
thank you  so much :)
+emily fu It's called reverb. It's applied to the tracks after they're recorded. In this case, it says they used the reverb plugin from the Scarlett Plugin Suite, which does come with the interface.

Anton Ishutin – Show me (Music video) HD

120bpm - Best Deep House Music Videos 2015 //goo.gl/f34RCo Music: Anton Ishutin – Show me (Original mix) https://soundcloud.com/antonishutin Follow ...

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Ugh!! She was so hot until 1:35...shave your legs!!!!
+37 yeah, and buy yourself some knockers.
Great Job ,brother : ))
+Producer findike Thanks!
Whew, what a track.
nice job man
+Deep Sound Vibration Thanks man!
Finally found perfect channel :) . and daamn, i cant wait for summer to begin
+444 666 Thanks! Me too :)
Happy New Year 2016 listening 2night on repeat this great track ! Congrats ! The words from the track are magical and are very deep and meaningful !
+goga56 Are u tryin` 2 be funny or what?
+Petru ArtStudio if you like the words listen to the original full song its by Backstreet Boys- Show me the meaning of being lonely.
+Petru ArtStudio Thanks bro! Happy New Year!

Scarlett O'Hara- LIT

Official lyric video for new single "LIT" by Texas Metal band "SCARLETT O'HARA" In stores everywhere 10/09/15 Pre order on iTunes today!: //bit.ly/preLIT ...

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I hate this too but you got to remember that this isn't really "Scarlett o'hara" there is only one guy in there from the last album. To me, I personally think that this band isn't really Scarlett o'hara.
+Logan Burns yall need Eddie and renea back lmao
You need to check your sources on that one. Scarlett's line up consists of 4 of the original 6 members. The bassist, drummer, rhythm guitarist and myself (lead guitar/vocals) have all been in Scarlett since 2007 and are founding members.
I was upset when they broke up for awhile and wanted them to get back together. Now I wish they never got back together ._.
My exact thoughts...
They write one party song so far and people flip out. I think it's sad people have to be douchebags and can't just learn to enjoy a not serious, deep, or intellectual song. I like this song as much as their debut album. I don't feel like they're going downhill, and I'm excited about hopefully hearing more new music from them.
+Zach Dean Exactly, it's like some people just can't enjoy songs about partying. I'm not saying they should have to. I don't think anyone should have to like this song or new Scarlett O'Hara, but there's no need to be a douche about it, then when you call people out for being assholes, they get really defensive like "You just don't respect my opinion. You think everyone should have to like this." No, I don't like your opinion and attitude, and I'm expressing that like you have the right to express your distaste for something. Anyway, I'm glad some people get it. You're right, if people hate this so much, leave a thumbs down or polite comment it, then move on to what you do like. Some people leave hateful comments because it really gets them off getting into an internet argument with a stranger about their comment. Then there's those who acts like they can leave comments like that without any backlash. It really baffles them when people sling the same brand of crap back at them, which is always good for a laugh in my book, but anyway, I'm sorry about writing a short story.
+xxhardforcorexx I feel you bro
Hell yeah. lighten up people not every song has to be about over coming struggle or some shit. if you like that go listen to something else. I really like this lol sounds awesome
+Evan Harbaugh Stick that thumb up your ass and bounce, motherfucker.
Well they have a new vocalist and new members which probably explains the change in sound
+Bon Jovi you are probably the dumbest person on youtube right now, congrats!
Nice using racial slurs. What ever dude. If making racist comments and insult people gets you off then cool. I don't roll that way
+Alex Williams you sound like a nigger
+Bon Jovi there was no reason for the excessive language and homophobic words. I was just explaining why it sounds different dumbass. New vocalist mostly means different lyrical style and new members usually bring new elements. I don't like thr song that much either. so just chill the fuck out and change your name from Bon Jovi to something else. it's looks ridiculous
+Alex Williams shut the fuck up youre so fucking gay dude. why reason? just diss them in peace.

For the Sender - Alex Woodard - Emily reading her letter to Anno.

Episode 12 - Keith Mackenzie in Greenville 2009

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nice sound, looks like a great time 5/5

DJ Onemore - A Touch Of Freedom (Armas Sun Mix)

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Wow with you I am discovering tracks that I have never knew they ever existed. Thank you for this share so much \o/ This one is simply amazing :D
@Sweety25830 i got million more armas tracks lol!! too many to upload. so i picked a few.
This is why I love being subscribed to you. So many awesome trance tracks. :D
@distantlandmusic Well you should have more
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