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College works painting resume Videos

College Works Painting--Cancun '15

Best trip of my life in three and a half minutes.

College Works Painting 2015 - What a Year!

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A Second Interview [Day 127]

Had a second interview today with people from College Works Painting, and I started the day as a 5 then afterwards was an 8, but then I dug a little into their ...

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Hahaha yeah there are tons of people out there who are always gonna say its a scam. If you're extremely hardworking and committed, you'll almost certainly make great money. Otherwise, you should be honest with yourself and find an easier internship.
I'm supposed to call the guy now. But I don't know, it seems sketchy to me too. They guarantee you $2500 but people were saying they lost money. It seems like it could be great but I don't think I'm gonna do it
If you make money with CPP..... you are either lying, working 80+hrs/week, or you're making money off of all the people stupid enough to buy a "franchise" from this cult-like scam
Totally shaddy company

College Works Painting Holiday Fun

College Works Painting working hard and having fun during the holidays.

College Works Painting Internship Life

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College Works Painting at the Home & Garden Show

An Intern from College Works Painting tells us what their business is all about.

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I'm pretty sure these guys suck each other's dicks, while scamming others for a living through COLLEGE WORKS!!!!

What did you learn about Time Management as a College Works Painting Intern?

Visit //internship.collegeworks.com/applynow10 for more information on this opportunity. College Works Interns talk about time management and how ...
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