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Mitsubishi starion performance figures Videos

Eastern Creek Figure 8 Drifting in my R31 Skyline

Only brought 3 skid wheels with me so only got 2 runs on the peanut.

ProCharged C5 Corvette start up.

Start up of a freshly ProCharged C5 Corvette. This kit makes 7 pounds of boost and should be good for right at 500 crank hp.

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I'm thinking of putting one on my c5. How long did the installation take and we're there any fitment issue especially with the air coolers and the bumper
Mustangs beware

4g64 DOHC Build-up

Here's a short video of my 4g64 with 4g63 head Build-up. I still need to tune the motor a little as you can see or hear in the video, the motor sounds a little rich ...

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How much PSI would you put on a stock 4G64 block with a swapped DOHC head being safe?
i did the same exact swap and ran 12psi on mine no problem

Cross Fight B-Daman CB 82 Starter Triple Gillusion Unboxing Review Giveaway Expires Nov 10th 2013

Cross Fight B-Daman CB 82 Starter Triple Gillusion Unboxing Review Giveaway Expires Nov 10th 2013 Zankye 2.0 is a great channel for Marvel Unboxings ...

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Cross Fight B-Daman CB 82 Starter Triple Gillusion Unboxing Review Giveaway Expires Nov 10th 2013 
Me pls i want it very very much im in philippines in bacolodPls
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