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Should I Invest in Real Estate as an Exotic Dancer? FAQ

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I really like your blog, it is informative and instructional. I am a stripper my self for a a two years and I really had to learn everything on my own... There is a business science to this thanks for putting it out. I HAVE a SUGGESTION nowadays I see men getting in the game oh I would to see you outside you are gorgeous you differnt why you doin this and sometimes if you do not follow the line they just rudely dismiss you .... It happened to me that one of these men was comin to see me almost evrynite spend cheap money on m then I went to another club and found him making REAL rain on her what would've you tips to deal with these types of situations and this new clients that had emerge....?

Car Today TV Ad: Single Mom

Car Today in Jonesboro, Arkansas is the place where "We Just Say YES!" 3404 Stadium Blvd. Jonesboro, AR 72401 Phone: 870-931-4224.

Villa Getaways: Luxury Villa Roadshow Short Teaser

Villa Getaways Presents Luxury Villa Roadshow - Short Teaser To see our full collection of Luxury Villas visit www.VillaGetaways.com Want to know more about ...

REVIEW : 2014 HPI-Racing, Ken Block WR8 Flux,24 GHz Ford Fiesta 2013 GRC .4WD. RTR . H.F.H.V.

Take a look at the Ken Block W R 8 Flux after 3 months use, How is it holding up ?

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A quick question that may sound a bit stupid, to change the pinion to 19t do you also have to change the spur?
Thanks a lot!!
+. :) You don`t have to change the Spur Gear , The Engine mount is adjustable , You should be able to loosen the bolts on the top and the Motor will turn , it will move closer and further away from the spur gear , ant probs let me know and I will try and do a video showing you , :) :-) You can change the Spur if you want but again you will have to adjust the Engine mount :) :-)
nice review my friend have fun rcing
cheers, I am having a lot of fun with it. :)
Cheers, Iam making it up as I go along, lol  I look at it this way, Just because we are adults just meens we get to play with bigger and better Toy`s, lol, Seems to me a lot of adults forget how to play and just say "thats childish? "  We prove them wrong? lol  

House Sold & Physique Posing Update | Ep. 94

Instagram: //instagram.com/BrandonnHimself □Twitter: //twitter.com/BrandonnHimself □ Machine Fitness Clothing - //bit.ly/mfbrandon10 Discount ...

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Brandon I'd love to Collaborate with you!
+Brandon Himself so cal!
+ZachWilliamsFitness Hey man! where are you from
Where can i converse with you more is there any other way i can get of hold of you? Direct message on email or so
+rafael rascon Email in bio
Hey man where do you get your background music and all?
+rafael rascon Just random searching on youtube for royalty free music.
It's been a few months since I watched some of your vids. Glad to see you are having success and your channel is still growing. Keep it up!
+SeanByrom1 Thanks man appreciate you checking in with it
Hows is your real estate career going so far? Are you liking it man? How exactly are you making money when you sell a home, like now that you sold one to your brother! Do you just get rewarded or so?
+rafael rascon I make a commission per home I sell, 1,000-5k per house, depending on the cost of house. Im doing good for a newbie, so I will just keep on going.
love it ! looking great congrats on the real estate success and the gym routine looks solid. I need to get more BCAAS HAVENT WORKOUT WITH THEM IN OVER A YEAR BIG DIFFERNECE
+Nicholas Papadopoulos Yea man they help recover faster! Thanks for watching man appreciate it.
well done getting serious now! also could you make your own bulking meal prep guide!
+Jesse M (Jxsse) Yes a summer lean guide is coming, then next fall bulking guide. Full day of eating videos are coming in the near future to help.

Wola Tarasy

Don't forget to watch in HD 720p! Thumbs up, Comment, and Subscribe! :) ------ Dron DJI S1000 A2, Zemnuse, Sony NEX7 Zakaz używania do materiałów ...

5% Nutrition - How It's Made

Rich Piana gives a behind the scenes tour of how the 5% nutrition products are made. Visit the 5% Nutrition Website: www.5percentnutrition.com Make sure to ...

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Why are there fences around the stuff? lol
+Vegan Rains safety protocols in production plants has skyrocketed in the last 10 years to prevent accidents  contamination etc. its kind of ridiculous at times but yeah
I guess so nothing goes in the way or someone might get hurt. I dont know just a guess
Where can i buy your products in Europe (Slovenia)?
+Igor Begovič guess there a different retailers in europe. Here in Germany there are about 4 or 5
+Igor Begovič i would like to know same information
Please guys. Do not by "nutrition" product from a guy who could give a fuck about it. He does steroids that's his nutrition. Don't waste your fucking money on powder protein from some but ball. With that money go buy some steaks and salmon , some Turkey breast and brocli. Honestly guys , mostly talking to that 17-19 year old kid just getting started or have been for a year. Take it from someone who is 25 and has been working out 8 years lifting eating clean. I in no way look like hulk but I have 9% body fat give or take 1% 6'5 220 pounds. I was 6'5 180 in highschool. That's how slow muscle builds. I've gained 40 pounds of muscle in 8 years. That's how slow being a real "naty" takes. Or maybe just my body. Never have taken a powder and pill vitamin besides omega 3's. No HGH no test booster. Your in your fucking prime of the highest test and HGH levels from 17 to your early mid 20's. Don't be fucking with guys like him. He's a snake oil sailsmen. The dude has body dis morphia
+Chris Shane youre a big boy. I got 1 inch on you and you got 20 lbs on me. lol same bf %. You speak the truth though, once inawhile a protein shake to meet some demands on the go but for real mostly just whole foods is enough and far superior.
+Chris Shane You know everyone knows that he is on roids. The thing ist that supplementing creatine and BCAA does indeed help you because you simply cant take in the amout of BCAA and creatine you need when you are lifting heavyweights and eating normaly, there are studies that have shown that it helps. Protein is something different or all these boosters, but if you can afford it there is nothing wrong with creatine and BCAA.
Voice Of Planet Manager. Aka some fucking idiot talking about shit using the most broadest definitions.
+Cake Man yeah total bullshit. id like to see some actual proof that u gotta take special forms of creatine ... lolllll
What exactly was shit? What was broad about it? He was basically saying they use the best ingredients, and what's on the label is what's in the product. And you can test it...Pretty straight forward if you ask me...
Wtf!? How is that legal?
+Isak Wincent Watch the movie "Bigger Faster Stronger: The side effect of being American" on netflix. He shows how anybody in the U.S can create their own product and sell it, also a cool point of view on steroids.
One giant mixer is not really a "plant". They just dump what you tell them to in that giant mixer then put it in the plastic jars. You could do this at home if you wanted.
You can't, you need that big mixer
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