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Singapore airlines ice Videos

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800 Arrival LAX - 9V-SKP

What an awesome arrival!!! The effect in the sky was awesome with a storm cloud above and everywhere else sunny. Notice a lot of ice build up on the bottom of ...

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Awesome Sam!! That tree isn't so much in the way now! :D It looks really cool with the transition from a cloudy atmosphere to a clear one. At 0:19-0:21 it looks like the A380 is in FSX :)
I gave this a SUPER LIKE but forgot to say thanks for the shout-out! so I cam eback to do so. T H N X !!!
Great video, and great sound at 0:19! Looks like he did flare a little early though...
Yep! It looks like he might've flared a little bit early but I'm not the expert.
I think he did flare a little early too. I'm not an expert though either...
Thanks!! I just realized that! Thats pretty awesome :)
Thanks so much jay! I appreciate all the comments :)
love those clouds in the backround!!!! great vid!!
Great video Sam! :D Was this today?!
Great overhead landing ;)
Very nicely filmed sam!
that flaps look cool
Excellent! Liked:)
Awesome mate!!!!!

[HD] - Singapore Airlines A380 Zürich

Singapore Airlines A380 Video taken a long time ago... De-ice operation + Take Off in Zürich Filmed by my dad and edit by Matthew Follow us on our page to get ...

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