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Infiniti g35 lug nut key Videos

Removing Lock Nuts Without a Key - Part 4

Part 4 of 4 in the lock nut removal saga...

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hey i have the same problem on my 93 toyota pickup and im doing the same putting mud tires but thing is i striped my key and i did what u tryed and i still cant get the lug off all it does the socket just spins when i try to turn it and i even have the lug nut where i have to hammer it in the grip and it doesnt grip so please help :(
I would have put the socket rim just over the open jaws of the vice so the nut passes through the gap rather than clamp the whole socket, that prevents damaging the socket. You'll probably need to tape the socket in position while you whack it but its a whole lot easier as all the force goes onto the stuck nut not the socket.
so i watched this and in 20 minutes i had all 4 locking lug nuts off. i didn't have a vice so i got a bigger socket and set the one with the jammed nut in it and beat it out with a punch. it sure beats the alternative i was going to grind a flat spot on two sides of each lug nut and use a wrench to get them off.
Thanks man, my friend just happens to have a 4 runner too. He just blew a tire but he couldnt find the lock so we had it towed to my house. I go give it a shot, and update you.
worked perfect, we went and bought a $2 20mm instead of using my dads good ones. very simple. and now i can get those wheels i've always wanted. :) jk
Cool and candid video, thanks, will be giving that a go here in the UK this weekend! You and your son - cool relationship :-)
Angelz...downsize one socket size or change the unit (imperial to metric or vice versa) and give it a good whack on!
nicely done dude, that 20mm is it a hex coz i saw one today that was 12 points and it was too loose ...
This method worked great.. 2 down 2 to go. My hardest part is to get the dame nut out.
@angelz4d3ath you might be useing the wrong size ratchet peice?
@angelz4d3ath Give it loads of WD40 and wait a few days?
hahaha thanks for the videos, was funny too!!
nice workstation


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This is dumb. It will depend on what kind of ock nut you have. But the idea behind it is almost bulletproof. You need to take a socket that is just slightly smaller then the outer edge of the lock nut and just HAMMER IT on it tight, then get it out as usual. Problem is, you damage it and letting everyone else to know how to get it out.
i bet u that there is not lock nut on that car cose u hammering it so smoth i m a profesional car repairer and have donne it myself over and over again
@arseniliverpool did you notice how the lock nut was stuck in the socket... n00b!!!
or you can use this method - the right way: /watch?v=LGpuFwEKpUM
That compressor has no balls like you biotch. LMAO
whats with people these days trying to steel rims
everthing was good until u said biotch
where do u live again? Lol

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User Comments

Pure shite, is this the 150th or the 250th idiot looking for his 2 minutes of fame with the same old crap? IT DOES NOT WORK ON LOCKING WHEEL NUTS, if it did they would not be locking wheel nuts would they? These are an old cheap version, the modern ones have a spinning ring on them to stop this happening, well not actually that modern, the last 10 years or so.
thank is work! im do now

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