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Canada plus windsor ontario Videos

sounds plus windsor ontario by Windsor Malayalees

Sounds Plus Windsor Ontario, who provides amazing services in Windsor Ontario. Excellent Service and Thank you from WMA.

Aquatic Plus Hook Up

Hook-up installation of an Aquatic Plus Urban100sc/D. This is the absolute best quality reverses osmosis water purification system you can buy. It is built by ...

American WiFi from Canadian soil :D

WATCH IN FULL SCREEN (Standing in Windsor, Ontario, Canada on the river front. Across is the GM Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan, USA) Sorry ...

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man you got strangth to the GM building in Detroit thats crazy
Block the sun Ian, whooooooooooop :)
I msg'd you, I'll take one!
WOW thats insane :D
so awesome!!!!

256 Heath

Salt mine keeps Goderich alive

Tough winters have increased the demand for road salt and given a boost to the southwestern Ontario town of Goderich. Click here for the full story: ...

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Every business unless given breaks will continue to go bust with more and more bureaucracy! To much paper and regulations to keep small company low overheads going! Bye free enterprise! 
Im going to goderich tomorrow, me and my dad are picking up a load at the harbor
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