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College gift shop Videos

Exit Through The Gift Shop (Banksy) - alternative opening credits

College project. Made with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator. 2013.

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Thanksssss Cat :D
Está mto bom :)

Shop Lady Lois La Bella Baskets For Travel Items/Going Away Gift For A Friend

Shop Lady Lois La Bella baskets For All Your Gifing Needs...Even Travel Gifts! A Friend, College Student Or Even Yourself, There's Nothing Like Being Prepared ...

Campus Rewind 11/17

St. Joseph's Abbey Book Store, Gift Shop

St. Joseph's Abbey has one of the finest selections of books on monasticism and more, plus a variety of products and gift items hand-made by self-supporting ...

Saint Meinrad Archabbey Gift Shop

Taking a tour through Saint Meinrad Archabbey's gift shop, where you can find Snail's Pace products and a selection of other gifts and specialty items.

9/11 Memorial Museum and Store Sparks Outrage

Families of 9/11 victims are furious over the admission price and gift shop at a museum housing human remains.

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Oh my god, how will it run without getting money. I understand that you don't wanna pay to see dead body parts, but without it, it wouldn't even be there...
+Marty Harold Stuffed animals? $24? Should be free, and reasonable items sold.
Thank god Im Canadian
You give us a bad name.
24 canadians where killed on 9/11.
"Here sweetie, let's buy a nice plushie so you can stop crying about your dead grandfather"
Let's buy you a Stuffed ALLAHU AKBAR!!!
it takes millions of dollars to construct this museum, people work at the museum to educate people who weren't alive or don't remember 9/11. Also, to keep the building to stay open, they need money. the museum i work out does the same thing. big deal. don't go to it then. the museum is for education, not for money gain.
$22 for a T-Shirt? Really?Tell that to the families of people killed in 911.Other memorials don't do that, so what is their excuse?They are clearly profiting from tragedy. 
so they want to charge $24 for a national museum that sells shit made in china like Disney world....god bless America, I guess
That's actually a good comment
Do people still believe that an amateur pilot with less than 200 hours of flight experience was able to fly a plane perfectly into the side of the pentagon? while flying at a couple hundred feet for several miles? Really?
+germandrummer13 don't forget how shitty technology was back then compared to today.  many cameras like that were similar, in fact that one was a hell of a lot better than some that were around at the time.  that one actually had motion to it, some cameras at that time only updated per still picture every 5 min.  to have streaming video in 2001 was considered hi tech big time
+germandrummer13 One of the most highly guarded buildings? It's less than a mile from Reagan Airport. So if a pane goes of course and flies over the Pentagon they are supposed to shoot it down LOL. I mean seriously. This is like talking to a 5 year old. You also don't know shit about any video that captured anything better. You're just making stuff up as you go. You continue to ignore the mountain of evidence and eyewitness from flight 77.
+Kyles45Angel What evidence? One of the most highly guarded buildings in the United States only has a frame by frame video of a blurred white image that hits the west side of the pentagon? That makes how much sense? A 7/11 gas station would have captured better "evidence" than that.
People with logic, who don't ignore evidence know what hit the Pentagon because the evidence proves it did. People like you make stuff up,and ignore mountains of evidence.
Just go to the 9/11 museum in Albany,ny its much larger and is usually free on weekends
i heard this one will be free on tuesdays from 5-8 pm
Sick American fucks. You are all sick and demented.
Nice generalization, idiot

Let's Play The Cave #2 The Gift Shop - S1

Today in Let's Play The Cave we head to the gift shop! It appears we need to help the gift shop clerk out before he will let us enter The Cave! We also do a bit of ...

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hey! nice try with that dynamite! And yes, those pictures will tell the story about your characters :)
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