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Madison nj singles Videos

2012 Honda CR-V Madison NJ 37600A

Dalton and Madison (ll)

I support Dalison I love Dalton and Madison and yeah thats the reason I made this picture video (: I hope you like it and if you like please comment (:

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Wat's the song called
+S.E.M - OMG thank u
They don't know about us by One Direction
Dalton liked the video
yeah, a really long time ago
+S.E.M - yeah he did i checkeddid they break up btw?
+S.E.M - idk I was going trough his YouTube
Really? Omg when did he do that?
I can't believe she cheated on him.
+ThoseWeirdGirls B'And'A where did you hear that!?
Isn't the blonde that appears at 0:42 from Hey Violet! ?
Yes, dalton is friends with them.
isn't that Madison McLaughlin, the girl that played Paige on Teen wolf?
+Sarah Aquino yes it is!
when did they break up?
They broke up in 8/29/13
I think now two years ago? but I'm not sure
Was it his girlfriend? He has girlfriend now?
I understand:/  Thanks
No, they broke up for two years now? She has a new boyfriend

Girls Tennis: Kate Fahey is the NJSIAA singles champion

No Description Available.

Marc Rizzo - Piñata Hits Back - Madison (WI) - Flamenco

Marc Rizzo Band performs "Piñata Hits Back" a Flamenco-influenced composition off of his first solo release, Collosal Myopia. Available from Shrapnel record ...

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Please, change the name of the video. That only smells a little of flamenco, but actually, doesn't even come close. He plays like a metal guy over somo "kind of" flamenco sounds. I am not saying he isn't good, but have some respect to other music traditions, and that, is not flamenco.
@Aeondar Next time you want to make an ignorant biased statement, make sure you know the facts and understand the music. And to be frank, to truly understand music, is to understand all interpretations of styles.
Marc Rizzo has definitely come out of the nu metal shadow and pulls out something new!!! Now that's more like it!!! Smoking!!!
@Metallxiko My brother told me that too so what the fuck he is the man, is fucking awesome!
Waww!!! A great moment! Where did it takes place?
Marc Rizzo is a hero for music today
rizzo is awesum

Marc Rizzo of Soulfly "Introspection of an Introvert" Madison, WI

Soulfly & Cavalera Conspiracy guitarist performs "Introspection of an Introvert" off his first solo record, COLOSSAL MYOPIA - download the new record, ...

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So much talent in Rizzo!

Millennials and Online Privacy: Affecting Jobs, Dating, Politics and More

New research shows Millennials concerned about online privacy. That may seem shocking given my generation posts everything online. But is my generation ...

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Problem is guys, Jason Dorsey IS NOT A MILLENNIAL! He was born in 1978. He is a 70's baby and 80's kid and a 90's teen. If he graduated High School, he would have graduated somewhere around 1996. He's 38 years old. The oldest Millennial today is only 34 years old. Millennials did not start graduating High School until the year 2000 and beyond. Neil Howe and the late William Strauss, look it up, in 1987, they coined the term "around the time '82-born children were entering preschool and the media were first identifying their prospective link to the millennial year 2000". Strauss and Howe use 1982 as the Millennials' starting birth year and 2004 as the last birth year. Again, 1982-2004! Go with the originators! I was born in 1986 and I can tell you for sure, I don't relate to Jason Dorsey in any sense. The reason why Jason Dorsey calls himself a Millennial is because of business reasons. He himself created a time frame of 1977-1995. Come on now... it's obvious since he's born in 1978, that he would create a time frame like this! When I was in HS we had phones, we had social media, we remember 9/11, technology, how we were all raised and all. Since I graduated HS, all of it has been a continuation and upgrade to phones, social media, all technology, etc. Jason Dorsey does not identify with any of this growing up. I have older cousins, all born around 1977 to 1979, his age, that do not identify with us. They're late Gen Xer's! There are two eras within all generation. And with it being 1982-2004, half will remember certain things and half won't but the true basis is how we were raised and the events that happened that shaped the way we live, think, and act. I'm 29... I'm a Millennial. I have a sister who is 18... She is a Millennial. Just two different eras within the generation. We all identify with the same type of music, technology, and upbringing. I do basketball training so I'm around HS students a lot and their parents are old enough to be my parents! Why? Because all of our parents are Baby Boomers or Gen Xers! It's a business he has... He did what he had to do. And that was to fixate the Millennial Generation to a date range that benefited him. Good job bro!

Meghan Trainor Dear Future Husband - Jenna Rose Cover w/Madison Alamia

Jenna Rose & Dancers cover " Dear Future Husband " by Meghan Trainor with special guest Madison Alamia ( Iconic Boyz ) Live On The Jam Tour @ The ...

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I REMEMBER HIM OMG my cousins used to be so obsessed with him 
I love your cover of this so muchhhhhhh
hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everything about this is perfect! 
this is probably her best

Marc Rizzo - "Milagro" - Madison, WI

Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy guitarist, Marc Rizzo performs "Milagro" a Flamenco-influenced composition off of his first solo release, Collosal Myopia. Available ...

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Un grande loco, hay que estar atento a este musico que tienen una calidad impresionante
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