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Reno casino employment opportunities Videos

Reno, Job Updates, Crazy Cat

Subscribe for more daily videos - //bit.ly/vlogginlife ------------------------ We got an update on the job, reno's and I think Scampers is trying to escape again.

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what will happen first for pug1 1. someone dies doing those jumps 2. he realizes being in his 40s and acting like a fool constantly gets old ??
Your name is legendary. I agree completely with you about 1druglife
you know what i thought was even funnyer no water just fumes run in that pipe so why level it at all?
+Ricky white You do sometimes get water running down that pipe (rainwater and maybe melting snow if the snow ever is over the top of the pipe.) The drain vent is just run up through the roof with no covering whatsoever. If that pipe were to have a low spot or downwards pitch the water could freeze in the Winter and block it. It might happen but most likely won't.
Pug1 is the man in the video making
+Harleymansgarage He was in Lowe's in today's video....being a retard.
+Harleymansgarage Yeh running around like a moron putting the camera in peoples face and yelling how u doin is quality shit lol
gotta have some carpet put in there that would make it look a lot nicer cover up that old f'd up hardwood floor.
+spackmaster Chavez Nicer looking and warmer. Also quiets down the "click sound" of dog claws on wood floor.
if youre going to carpet, do that before baseboard
+TakeiT Carpet goes up to the baseboard, not under it. If you nail baseboard over top of the carpet and tackless then you will have a very difficult time should you decide to replace it.
YEAH, More, RENO DAY, RENO DAY, Were gonna get more RENO DAY! YEAH! ( sung to the tune of Flyer day! )
+everythingcomputer ( sung to the tune of Flyer day! ) your kidding i wouldn't have got that if you hadn't of told us.

Quentin Miller - Pressure Ft. CJ Francis IV (prod. Reno)

Quentin Miller - Pressure Ft. CJ Francis IV (prod. Reno) Subscribe to EscapeTracks for more daily tracks! //bit.ly/SubscribeEscapeTracks ......... Follow ...

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Damn he bout to get big and going to make Drake drop.
Did Drake ghostwrite this?
Just what I needed!
Great beats!
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