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Walmart tucson shooting Videos

Tucson police and EMS code 3

Shooting and carjacking atva walmart. Ambulance with shooting victim and police escort to hospital.

Loughner Pulled Over Just Before Shooting

In the hours before the assassination attempt against Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Jared Loughner went to Walmart, was pulled over for running a red light and ran ...

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@911sheeple You call me "insane," because you can't argue the facts. The sheriff and left-wing nuts blamed Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh as Jared's influences. They were scapegoated! The facts later showed the kid never listened to talk radio and wasn't a Republican and didn't even vote. If the sheriff stuck to his logic and blamed the Jared's influences, the 9-11 Truthers, he'd have found the most prominent person to say 9-11 was an inside job, Jesse Ventura. That's the logic, silly! C'mon!
The AZ sheriff who blamed talk radio and Rush Limbaugh owes an apology. Jared's best friend said he never listened to Rush or talk radio. If the sheriff were honest, he'd bash Jared's influences: Rosie O'Donnell and Jesse Ventura, who said 9-11 was an inside job. That had a profound dark influence on Jared. How come Rush and Palin were blamed instead of the kid's influences? His other influence was the movie Zeitgeist. Palin didn't direct that? Ask the sheriff who did? Fuckin' liberals suck!
But a taxi driver drove him to the scene? 911 calls suspect ran off to north past Walgreens, and was tackled at the scene. More than one shooter. You cannot shoot 20 moving targets, some several times, with 6 killshots pulling the trigger as fast as you can in 20 seconds. You would have to stop and aim. The gun had a 30 round clip? Bullets are heavy, gun balance to the grip = more kick. No marked out shell casings or puddles of blood at scene? No booking record. YT account fake. Lots more
Loughner was a believer of numerous conspiracy theories, and espoused views such as the United States Government was responsible for the September 11 attacks, a New World Order would bring about a one world currency, there would be a 2012 apocalypse, NASA had faked spaceflights, and the government was using mind control to brainwash people by controlling grammar. You fucking conspiracy theorists are dangerous to society. Especially you dumb christians
@BertGriffin88 With the YouTube Highway, Jared could have crossed paths with any of us. Somebody go paint a Bullseye on a Walmart Store. (Fucking Target) PUN They are the ones that sold the ammo. Of course if everybody banned walmart from this, the Whole US economy would collapse. Maybe Jared is on to something after all........
@JoeyFudd If Rush LimpBaugh ever carried a gun, it would be a Caulking Gun. Let just hope somebody fills that gap under his nose. Now Joey is blaming Jesse Ventura? Whats next? Happy Days re runs? This shows the insane mentality of republicans! So if You go kill somebody, lets round up the Bible Distributors you used.
@geargemartin, Why didn't AZ Cops use a Crystal Ball? You mean like the Real Life red head women in AZ from show "The Medium"? yes, they do use her. I guess she was at Graceland on that day. hey Alison, remember me? Remember the Red Room? Remember how you GOT Your Gift? YOUR MASTER
@911sheeple, There's considerable coincidence here. It requires attention because a number of those who died had attended the center where he was a member. Jared is violently insane, so constructing these connections that lead this monster to bring this hell needs review.
If he was only black or mexican, the cops would have searched for drugs or called I.C.E. Either way, the massacre wouldnt have taken place. Only if all citizens were treated like common criminals just as blacks and latinos are. "Chickens coming home to roost."
@JohnF30Music dangerous people will always be dangerous, people will believe what they want, this story is just getting swung for political purposes there are alot of people that would like to limit free speech...sometimes a crazy person is just crazy...
The media are going to feed on this like a bunch of tragedy vultures. If people want to boycott something start with this garbage media. For people that do not know it is not the journalist, and anchormen the real rot is these scumbag editors.
@0sAndOnes so what are you saying about america? that there is an ethnic civil war going to happen agianst the oppressive white regime and take them down... the balkanization of america-

Trick Shooting - Top 10 Clay Pigeon Trick Shots

//www.sportingtargets.co.uk - Best viewed in full-screen. A little compilation video of some of the best trick shooting on the web. Hope you enjoy.

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Good video, although I wish you would have shown Patrick Flanigan doing one of his more difficult tricks.
I Clay Pigeon Shoot Alot and i mean alot and i dont think i can do any of them tricks
Clay Pigeon much better than live pigeon,Thanks Guys.
Love the punt gun at the end, very good vid!!
That's not a shot gun that's a cannon
I have a new respect for golf lol

Testing .22 Rat-Shot Ammunition

22 long Rifle shot ammunition is useful for dispatching rodents and pest birds inside barns, as well as for taking out snakes. It's loaded with "dust shot (#12 or ...

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Can you use these in .22lr rifles? Or just hand guns? I'd like to keep a few of these with my survival rifle!
+Anthony Slusser These work in both rifles and shotguns.
Good video I had a mosberg smothered bbl 22 it came with a clay pidgin thrower you mounting on the bbl
+David Wagner Cool. I've seen pictures of them on-line.
Thanks for the video, this is a nice benchmark for me to test against. I just picked up a NOS Savage smooth bore as it was unique, and a lefty like me. I have one box of CCI and as luck would have it, I walked into Cabela's today and bought 8 boxes of the Federal. I can't wait to try it out! I have two Crosman 1100 shotguns, but CO2 is useless in the cold.
+Black08Chally Lucky you with a proper smooth bore 22! You might want to do a video to demonstrate how it patterns.
This video surely proves the effectiveness ( or not ) of the various .22 shot shells made by the more popular manufactures, at least here in Canada. As a side note, I see that you have a Remington Nylon 66, you lucky dog ! I had one of these which had suffered an unfortunate impact while loaned to a friend. The when I took it to a so called 'gunsmith' posing as such, as he is working at a major dealer in my area, he ruined it altogether. I have had my '66 since '66, I wish I could find and buy another. I'm sorry to have rambled here somewhat, it's just that , that rifle meant a lot to me. Thanks for this video, I think I'll try some for the fun of it.
+Reg Sparkes To me they are a $100 to $200 rifle, cant see why anyone would pay a lot unless it was one of the rarer variants like a gallery rifle in .22 Short.
+314299 Shooting Channel I couldn't remember what the rifle cost, as it was a gift, but yes, inflation is one thing but close to $300.00,...a bit steep. Mine was the black stock with chrome plated receiver cover and barrel. It sure looked 'cool' . I wish I could find another, as i said,..but closer to $200 or so.....
+Reg Sparkes The Reminbgton Nylon 66 is a dandy little rifle for sure, I see them for sale quite often , but they want quite a bit for them, generally in the neighborhood of $275 or more. Seems like a lot to ask for a rifle that sold new for $69!
Even if it IS a rat that you just want to get rid of, if you are any kind of a human being you do not want it to suffer needlessly. Those things are not humane. The rat will no doubt die, painfully.
+eugene bell These will kill a rat quite quickly at short range (as they are intended to be used). They are effective because of of the multiple hits, which is why they must be used up close.

Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Fleeing Motorcyclist

Subscribe for more: https://goo.gl/5clm0J ** An Eden Prairie police officer who accidentally shot a man in the arm, following a high-speed chase, blames the ...

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i guess... Taurus pistol? lol
I don´t believe that glock´s have any problem dude  :)
Or glock...LOL!
MAN ! WTF ...Stupid police officer say hands up!... , and in one second shot the man fucking idiots cop . This is a not police officer , he is murder cop must go in the Jeil for sure .
His gun went off.
I blame the firearm and the poor cop.
Really you blame the firearm
I'm amazed that when the other cops arrived they didn't get out their night sticks and beat this guy to death, erase the video, and make up some B.S. This may have been an accident but it only goes to show you how cops view the general public these days. Drawn gun, finger on the trigger and ready to kill.
+mak , wow....I guess, using your logic, cops can pull their guns and shoot just about anyone they want and be justified. Sounds like the dude in Chi-Town walking in the mall in his underwear who was shot and killed by police.. the cops also used the excuse they though he was reaching for a gun in his underwear.. What a shame, you sound as if yo agree every person a cop come into contact with is their enemy. Accident or not this cop needs to be charged.. How many people do you believe could get away with "accidentally" shooting someone and walk away with a paid vacation. Hell this cop shot him in the back before he was fully stopped.. Notice the first thing this cop did was pull his gun... with his finger on the trigger.. ready and willing to shoot.. They are supposed to be protecting us.. Regardless if this was an accident or not this cop should be charged, convicted, and fired... By the way cops are not part of the general public.. every cop has made sure of that.. they have become the new class of nazi storm trooper and are very much different than the rest of the public. You should fear for your life every time you see a cop.. Your 70% more likely to be murdered by a cop than any street thug. Who is the real criminals.?
It was an accident if they really wanted to kill him don't you think he would have just kept firing and not have said sorry it wasn't intended or even bandage him up not to mention the cops are! the general public there people to they have familys, homes, lives, they vote also the guy was running from him the officer doesn't know what he has on him a gun a knife hell even a grenade you never know what people have on them so yeah i would pull my to, cops have to deal with scum every day and they get no consideration for what they do now crawl back under your rock and grow some sense.
A perfect example of the problems with the US and guns.. If arms weren't some easily available to citizens the police wouldn't have to carry them for their own safety..
+XxrocknrollxX ah yes, let the black market thugs kill everyone, make our lives easier. While your over here without a fire arm, ill be over here with my unregistered AK74m, courtesy of Belarus btw, with no serial numbers or stamps (un-tracable), that i got online shipped to my home from cambodia. And when i do see you, ill be sure to thank your idiocy for taking the fun out of shooting your fellow family members and friends even more so the police since they wont be able to defend themselves either. Better yet i can run your government, tell you what to do, when you dont do it. BANG your dead, seems you got sent to 'society improvement' facility (gulag) and there i gassed you like a Nazi. Best part is, you couldn't defend yourself. You can't rebel, cuss i mean, where is your guns? Stones? spears? hahahha, eat some hell fire missiles or nukes. You go ahead with your stupidity, ill be laughing, knowing that when the time comes. Idiots like you will be the first victim of this beautiful stainless steel AK74m Bayonet, knowing i dont have to worry about a single thing. No resistance. Just a movable target made of meat to be had filled with lead from glorious underground black market weapon makers.
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