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Go Kart VS Car 1/4mile drag race.

125cc Go Kart VS Class B GTi Challenge Golf in a 1/4mile drag race at Raceweb Street2Strip. Killarney Raceway. Video by Raceweb.co.za Online Magazine.

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15s 1/4 mile, very slow for a shifter kart
its a 125cc, the second lowest powered.. the sport bike powered karts run 9s.
How fast is the acceleration compared to the stock amusement park go kart?
I love go karts lol.
Really? Hahahahha
that kart shouldn't even be compared to a amusement park kart  
like 10000000000000%

Lego City Go-Kart Race Car Building Set

Lego City Go-Kart Racer Mini Set (30314) Bagged This 45 Piece Polybag Set includes one Mini-figure Race Car Driver with a white race suit with Octan Logo ...

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Adventures - Go Kart Race

User Comments

For anyone playing this on the 360 - if you're still stuck, here's a simple tip: As the 3-2-1 is counting down in both Maria Hill races, just start driving. Your car will pull far ahead before the race even officially starts, giving you an unfair advantage and allowing you to easily win the race. I don't know if this works on the PS3 but I suspect it will.
+Misty Langley Really?? I did it multiple times and it eventually allowed me to win quite easily. It seems unlikely that it was a glitch isolated to just my system.
Bullshit this doesn't work for my 360
I have been working on an alternative use for the force field generations PROTECTED RACE TRACKS :D.... well your going to fucking fired Hill :P PS my one issue that makes this game 100x worse then the amazing 10 of 10 lego game it should be is the camera controls like crap for flight and vehicles and vehicles control like crap in general.
Yes, I have the same issue with just about all these lego games. Games in general actually. I've yet to play a game where I could comfortably control a vehicle
Guys u want to win? Try to not crashing ur car 
But At least is possible
Im almost done with the game and these go-karts are holding me up as I can't ever drive them proper. any hints? also theres an aircraft I am missing out on its to the right of the x-jet I don't know what unlocks it. the only other thing on my map left undone is this guy you have to psychically control up a building to his girl friend, I didn't do this as the game likes to glitch and stop his jumps. I also never did any of the flying check point races as Im very bad at flying and often miss the rings. I don't want to 100% the game but I do want to 100% the unlocks so what is between the X-jet and the SHIELD jetfighter?and how do I drive the go-karts? is it just about the turns? or is there a way to boost the speed? feels like even if I make very turn perfectly I STILL can't pass her becouse of the head star. I even tried putting the HULK in her way and she just drives off at the same speed with him pushed on her roof. then when I fail I fall off the carrier.
when the race starts try crashing your car against her, that ay she would not have that incial boost 
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