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Ferrari 355 prices Videos

Ferrari's Race: F430 VS F355 Berlinetta

2 Ferrari's exhibiting power all over the street.

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I owned the Ferrari 355 spider with a Tubi exhaust. Fun fun car..... Just wish it was faster. Very quick. I will prob. get the 458 next... BUT... I have a 1965 GTO that I did as a restomod.. THAT is the shizzle
Thats natural progress for you. The 355 is a great Ferrari. The F430 is a greater performer as one would expect from a ferrari thats over 10 years newer. Great vid guys.
But..... the 430 is stock and the 355 is highly modified and custom tuned. Thank you I subscribed to your channel.
I didn't realise how much wider and taller the F430 was over the F355 until I saw them side by side at 5:07
430's faster but its a dog compared 2 the 355! the last good lookin ferrari end ov
if i had to choose between both cars, i say the F355 is the best one!
Ive always dreamed of having a 355 or a 430, one day.. just one day..
the f355s arent expensive anymore! just save save save!
I will repost brother no music. I agree
italy italy italy!!!!!!! yyyeah
I would still take the F355!
great video guys! loved it
Its a beautiful car!
bro greaattttt vid
thanks man
Great vid

Virtual Tour of a 1997 Ferarri F355 Spyder at Chaplins Auto Group in Bellevue

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Naples Motorsports customer testimonial Ferrari 355

On September 16th, 2009 Naples Motorsports delivered a Ferrari 355 to Donald from Boynton Beach Florida. Here is his testimonial when he took delivery.

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lol... "SMILE!"

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Ferarri F355 Spider

Become a Fan on facebook: //www.facebook.com/pages/RealMCR12/179936022030388 Intro and Outro provided by AquuL | //www.aquul.com.

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Lovely car!! (That girl just walked in front of it at 0:11 :S ) +1

Ferrari F355 Spider driving a Slalom Parcours!

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