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DISNEYLAND VACATION January 2016 | Day 5: Cars Land and a Disneyland Monorail Ride!

On Day 5 of our Disneyland Vacation, we enter the parks after completing the Star Wars Half Marathon! This includes our first trip through Disney's California ...

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Love that they had characters out in front of the train station - Cruella is so funny! Flag retreat ceremonies get me every time
+Girl Meets Neverland Cruella was great - we were dying listening to her heckle the other Princesses! I was sad my dad wasn't there for the flag retreat, because he would have loved it!
Aww that monorail ride was amazing, those palm trees! Gorgeous! :):):)
+Sprinkle ME DISNEY Such a different experience than the monorails in Florida, but fun nonetheless!
We definitely need to get to Disneyland at some point! Maybe that's a trip for ALL of us to take lol. Those poor boys missed all the fun!
+TheDisneyDoubleDose You know I'm down! I'll take any excuse to get back to Disneyland at this point! I can be your tour guide! :P
I've never seen Cars either, but I WILL watch it before we go in June! Random characters meeting out front of Disneyland?? Interesting! Was that the flag retreat? That stinks that Mike got sick, but happy he was feeling better later! Its so weird that the monorail out there seems more like a ride/experience than anything else. Definitely not like our monorail at WDW.
+Extra Magic Ours Unlike most Pixar films, Cars just never appealed to me! I'm sure I'll see it someday, but I didn't feel the need to know any of the characters to appreciate it! And yes - random character meetings are common around Disneyland! One of its charms, for sure. And yes! That was flag retreat! Yeah, it was strangely on the warm side that day, and we got to the park right at the warmest/sunniest part of the day. He started feeling dizzy and nauseous out of the blue! He was really bummed to miss California Screamin', but we made it back there the following day. Mom and I used it as our opportunity to shop! And yeah, the Disneyland Monorail can take you from DTD to Tomorrowland, which could be convenient if you're staying at one of the Disneyland property hotels. Cuts out having to walk through DTD and the security situation at the maingates! Or if you want to get from Tomorrowland to Earl of Sandwich... LOL. Otherwise it's just a fun tour around the park!

HD - Autopia POV Drive-through - Disneyland

Rumor has it that Autopia may be removed in the next few years for a new attraction or maybe a Marvel Iron Man Ride. This video is a ride-through of the classic ...

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There's a major renovation planned for 2015, but it's pretty unlikely that they'll take the entire attraction out, since it's one of the few classic rides that's been there since the park opened, and people do love it. What we in the pit crew (CMs who work Autopia) have been told is that it will probably be reduced and handed over to Fantasyland. There will be a whole lot of land available after that... I hope there will be an outdoor coaster, like Screamin'. :D
Autopia is a classic ride and I hope that they don't tear it down. For many years, this is the only place where a kid (including me) is able to experience the true feeling of driving. You can't experience that anywhere else (until you are 16)... not on Test Track, or Cars Land, or Indiana Jones, or any new Iron Man or TRON ride. This is a one of a kind ride and I hope that they decide to keep it so many more kids in the future can keep driving.
They should update Autopia, I have to say its always fun riding this ride but they should make it more like the NEW Test Track at Disney World but you will still ride the cars but it will look more Tron like, just like the NEW Test Track.
It bothers me that at 1:50, the peoplemover is just abandoned when it could be an awsome ride to todays guests. I mean, look at wdw one, its being enjoyed by many today. Disney really has to do something with that problem.
They aren't going to tear down Autopia for the purpose of Iron Man. It's highly rumored that Disney has the green light to tear down the innoventions building to make a new E-Ticket Iron Man attraction there.
A lot of people have had a problem with that and they want it back. Disney have hinted many times that they plan to do something with the track but we haven't seen any progress yet. :(
Hopefully Iron Man Doesn't Come Wouldn't feel the same without autotopia.
Yes you can, you can experience it at Tomorrowland Speedway.
did they take this down?? its 2015..

2015 Florida Roller Coaster Tour - Sea World Disney Universal Studios Disneyland HD

A roller coaster is an amusement ride developed for amusement parks and modern theme parks. LaMarcus Adna Thompson obtained a patent regarding roller ...
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