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Cu boulder brochure Videos

2014 CU Boulder Poetry Slam

February 22, 2015 Jericho Rose | https://vimeo.com/120272262 Heidi Weingardt | https://vimeo.com/120272263 Toluwanimi Obiwole ...

Tolu Obiwole "Brochure"

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Hey Tolu, I didn't know you wrote poetry, I do too, if you didn't know, I heard you perform and do different competitions, I would love to be apart of one and learn how to get more involved, it might even be cool if we collaborated sometime, by the way in case you don't know who this is, it's Nathan Phillips.

For Sale By Owner Listing - 1111 Maxwell Ave. #225, Boulder, CO 80304 - FIZBER.com

2011 COLTT Keynote Presentation

Doors Open Surrey: Get Connected. Explore your City!

Help Rand Paul go around the Media Blackout!!!

Donate now at //www.foreverfree.com/ *** Help Rand Paul go around the media blackout. In under 10 minutes, you can mail Rand Paul bumper stickers and ...

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The problem with right wing libertarianism is that it sounds a bit to religious. They say they and only they have the one true version of liberty, not only that they want to force liberty as they see it on others.
The audio for this video is really weak. I can barely hear it.
please reupload this with sound.. lol
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