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Cu boulder easy electives Videos

The Jam Society - Knocking on Heaven's door Jam (CU Boulder)

This is our Jam based on the Knocking on Heaven's door riff. Come and join the Jam Society here at CU Boulder.

Hip Hop Dance

Living in Boulder Vlog 5 - 5 - 2014

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Use a hoover to suck hampster out 
i blew a hamster through a diggereedoo once it was funny
The very least you can do is put food and water into the hole, and try to lure him out again. Or break up the deck. And you're talking about putting cement over the hole - pet owner of the year? You'll suffocate the poor thing. 
the problem is he can't get out. it's a shear wall. the only way for him to get out is if he jumps down to the deck below which is like seven feet onto concrete and I don't think he'll do that and if he does he won't survive the fall. he's a gonner. I can't put water down there it's a little hole.

Living in Boulder Vlog 6 - 16 - 2014

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Just viewed the source code of your page, damn 10,000 lines of HTML. I can tell you did a lot of work on this, was it just you or did you get some help?
thanks. mm hmm. i'll complete it within the next couple years if I keep my nose to the grindstone.
+Kyle Pounds Well congratulations man, I hope you complete it, I can tell you put your blood, sweat, and soul into the site.
I've got hundreds of pages that size. just me. this is literally all I do.
Hello Kyle my name is Ben and I just finished my first year of college. I'm going for computer engineering and one of my specialties is web development. So I checked out your timeline site and felt that the idea itself was both noble and a sort of magnum opus for you. I would like to give you some feedback however, as I understand it your site is still in its early stages. When I was perusing the site I noticed a lot of broken links and I felt it was sort of hard to navigate. However I also wanted to say that maybe you should also change the florescent blue background to something more subtle like a burgundy red. I think a nice banner would be a good addition as well, it could serve as a link back to the homepage. Maybe also editing some more artsy looking buttons to give the navigation more flavor wouldn't hurt. Last but not least you should also look into maybe doing some original artwork for the site, such as sketches and paintings of historic peoples and events to help the site be more individual and separate it from other sites. Well just a critique from another historian, hope the site goes well, and if you have any questions please just reply to this message. P.S. what langauages are you using for the site? HTML? JavaScript? PHP? All? God speed -Benjamin K
Just fucking let him do his thing man.  

TCDC CU BUFFS 2016 Performance (Lauren)

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