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Robben ford birthday Videos

Youngjun Lee & Taesoo Roh - Born under a bad sign [Robben Ford Cover]

They are Korean highschool student //cafe.daum.net/VioletCastle.

Born Under A Bad Sign (Robben Ford Ver. Cover) - Take Wanda

Take Wanda Live at Doors In Heaven 2013/11/02.

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Very good version!

Bad Sign (Albert King Robben Ford cover) on banjo ukulele or banjolele.MOV

First entry in to the Bushman World Ukulele contest 2011. Born under a Bad Sign (cover) by Albert King. performed by Rex Powell on a Gold Tone Tenor Banjo ...

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I love the soul of a banjouke. I want one sooooo bad, that and a resonator uke

Robben Ford - Rugged Road - Hush Project

Hush koncert a Gödör klubban 2011. 10. 11. Domján Róbert - ének Nagy Ádám - gitár Papesch Péter - basszusgitár Kaszás Péter - dob Fehér Géza - gitár.

Talk to your daughter - Robben Ford cover Bass and Drum solo

Living Blues Project - Talk to your daughter (picit megcsavartuk a közepét) Kyru - ének Kőmíves Stone András - gitár Németh Tamás vendégművész - dob ...

Born Under a Bad Sign Guitar Lesson | Albert King | Dyce Kimura |

//www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5URGCBUY-w For information on Skype Guitar Lessons or Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lessons or Fort Lauderdale Singing ...

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It was only today, after watching this several times, did i found myself on that train your were talking about. Just like you said it is hard to get off that train. Thanks for posting, and thank you more for your words. It is hard to say in words what you feel inside, but today, I think I got it. I could understand what your were saying. My playing is better because of you and your lesson. Got to go, just a pit stop, getting back on that train, thanks for sharing your skills, Rocco from Alabama
Thanks! I think the pedal that I used and my amp were as follows: 1974 MXR Dynacomp into Keeley modded Blues Driver into 1966 Fender Super Reverb (with Cezar Diaz modds and is currently on sale on my ebay acct) Right now Im using a completely different set up tho. Check out a more recent version of my rig on my Billm Blues Junior Review (although I have tweaked it slightly since) thx!!
I sigend up for channel on the facial expressions alone ;) Your right once that beat "grabs you" ya can't shake it for the rest of the day... The train took off... Heads up your backing track embedded is gone 
Thanks for posting this Dyce! I'm a student and have been playing a couple years but had a lot of fun just playing the pentatonic scale with this one. Now to learn the entire song.
It's true....even if you only mean to play it a little while..,you end up jamming for ages and totally swaggering...cos it's funky and dirty and meaty. Thanks
Dude thanks for liking my vids on INstagram.... You teach a good lesson here about groove man.... blues is groove.... groove is work. Well said my friend!
thank you so much I finally learned it and people enjoyed me with positive reactions you inspired me thank you so much
Great lesson and I like your enthusiam... it's contagious and provides energy for those coming along.
Booker T wrote it and I'm sure that all the MGs were involved.Someone could correct me and add info 
probably the best lesson for Born Under A Bad Sign that I've found. Thanks for putting it up :D
Thanks Dyce - you made it easy and this was just what I was hoping for and found with you :)
You captured the spirit of de' thang'. Thanks fer sharing it with the rest of us bro'.
Very good job on this blues "from the past" song.
Great stuff +Dyce Kimura ! Love this track... 
@MrBeta911 thank you sir!!
Very nice lesson. Thanks!

Prison Blues - Jimmy Page

Modern Blues Legends Audio CD Release Date: January 16, 1996 Modern Blues Legends is a solid collection of some of the most popular blues-rock artists of ...

Catch23 Live Clip 3-Mo Nazam solo on Stratus

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hey sir its ur old student rajiv..... the pain in the arse lol....... how you doing i agree with sam keng all the way lol jokin sir ur awesome.... prs??
hi sir rember me u taught me guitar for a year samuel jurawan u are kl but keng better
Real nice performance and damn good camera work I wonder who filmed it? ;-)
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