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Two Snowstorms Feb 2010

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Incredible and truly historic snowfalls! You did a fantastic job of capturing the event. Ion was so adorable in the video. :)
Glad to see you got to the channel. I appreciate your comments. Coming from someone who does this all the time, your comments mean a lot. They inspire me to keep going.

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Corona Model 23-DK Kerosene Heater

I purchased this really nice Corona from Craig's List. It's about 10 years old and is very well constructed. I opened it up to check out the wick and it was in near ...

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i had one of these too! the wick had burned down too far, and it gave me super bad carbon monoxide poisoning, lost 2 days of work... be careful is all i gotta say, use more proper ventilation than i did! switched to forced air 70k unit, and uses less kero to do same job. cost 2X more, and works 4X better. the only drawback is the noise
Wicks should be replaced once a season and dry burned on occasion. If you do this, you shouldn't have any problems. I haven't yet. I buy high quality wicks made in England and buy them from Miles Stairs wick shop. Thank you.
I have the exact same model and never had a problem. Yours looks almost new. I bought mine used for $50 three years ago.
have this model for 22yrs, bought it brand new. took great care of the thing and I've yet had to replace the wick
Thank You♡♡♡♡♡

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