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Ten years of reddit

Here we are, ten years later. A big thank you to all the incredible redditors out there; you've made the last ten years amazing. Here's to the next 10 years.

User Comments

all hail chairman pao
+Junkers IV That's "Glorious Leader" to you...
Reddit Shadowbanned my 6 year old account (that was a Charter Member, with over $150 in reddit gold dues paid, and 3 months remaining) for standing up passionately about GamerGate. The only reason I know I was shadowbanned is because moderators in individual subreddits still see shadowbanned comments show up in their spam filters, and a Moderator from the PC Gaming Master Race was kind enough to let me know the status of my account. If this is an OK way to treat your long time paying users... SHADOW banning them... for nothing but political reasons, and saying one too many "Banned words".... I don't care what your politics are, that is not ok. To leave me there, commenting, thinking my comments are going through when they really are not... A paying customer... You guys are pathetic. You desrve every bit of backlash you have received, and I hope you all lose your jobs for supporting the Ellen Pao regime. Whatever she thinks she's trying to accomplish, its not going to work. It just is NOT going to work. Give up now, resign, or fire her... its over. You're done. Period. Wasn't it just a month ago that you made a blog post about how "Transparent" you wanted to be? And now? Not a fucking word? Never has there been a more disgusting hive of scum and villainy than the current Reddit headquarters.
+Alexander Herlan Even if they kick the cunt in the cunt to the curb, would you really go back to R****t?
Stop ruining reddit pls. Also buck fllen pao
+Vincent Morano This isn't Fukkit. You can cuss here.
+SupaWeel LESBIANS .... gotta be equal with the hate ;)
why so much disike? is it 4chan or the fact that reddit banned fatpeoplehate?
+AMD FANBOY Ellen Pao fired a guy who had cancer, the guy in charge of Secret Santa and a female who helped run AMA. There's lots to despise about The Glorious Leader.
Why so many dislikes?
+Swopnil Shrestha Because Ellen Pao is a twatwaffle
pls fire ellen palo
+avery johnson aaand she's gone
They should counter sue her for defamation. What she's doing is illegal.
+MrFuckingFX they wouldn't dare, she'll sue. she won't win, but she will sue.
why so many dislikes? could someone explain
+MrFuckingFX Reddit is owned by Jews now so you can't say anything bad about Jews or Israel or you'll be banned or shadowbanned (your posts will only be visible to you). You can say you want to kill all Muslims though. Jews hate Muslims so Reddit allows you to say that.
+MrFuckingFX Reddit is shit and it's CEO is a huge SJW piece of trash, a conwoman, married to a gay conman. Come to voat.co, it's a much better community.
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