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Toyota commercial gas station Videos

76 Gas Station Commercial "The Pinky"

The 76 Gas Station commercial I am in. "The Pinky".

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I am the guy backing the truck up, nice to meet you! Have you had lots of acting jobs?
I'm the guy in suit that parks in parking lot
i have an agent that sends me to auditions.
That's awesome!

Harley Davidson Gas Station Commercial

ESSO GAS STATIONS. 1938 Service Station Commercial for Theaters.

This short piece filmed for theater audiences and tells you how Esso Stations go out of their way to give the customer a little bit extra. Great period piece.

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Great stuff. Thanks for posting.

Toyota Corolla Commercial - One Gallon of Gas

Toyota Corolla Commercial, so you can drive acress town on o.

Sleepy's Commercial - Gas Station

It seems like everyone is trying to sell mattresses these days. Forget the amateurs. Trust the Professionals. Sleepy's, the Only Mattress Professionals. See more ...

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Does it feel like everybody is trying to sell mattresses these days? Forget the amateurs. Trust +Sleepy's, the ONLY Mattress Professionals.
+Sleepy's Sleepys is GARBAGE!!! You guys hire lowlife, shakedown artists as delivery men as well.
I hear your ads all the time. Looks like sleep's is trying to sell some mattresses.

Gas Station / Food Mart commercial

Gas Station / Food Mart advertising (local) Production date 2007.

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Sukli - Phoenix Petroleum TV Commercial

Gas up at Phoenix Petroleum stations nationwide and you could win a brand-new Toyota Vios, an Asian package tour, an iPad or a DSLR camera with the "Trip ...
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