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Oh london opening ceremony Videos

Oh Canada Pan American Games Toronto 2015 Opening Ceremony

Canadian National Anthem at the Opening Ceremony of the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, Canada. Sung by Véronic DiCaire with the Toronto ...

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Not only the anthem has a beautiful melody, still it´s sung by singer with this wonderful voice. Congratulations from Brazil!
Now that's how the Canadian anthem is supposed to be sung... awesome job Veronic DiCaire.
why is the pianist in slippers and a robe. But awesome job!
The anthem of Canadá is beautiful. Greetings from Brazil!
who's she? who's the pianist?
What venue is this?

Pan American Games Toronto 2015 Opening Ceremony Full HD Part 1

Os Jogos Pan-Americanos de Toronto 2015, no Canadá, foram oficialmente abertos na noite dessa sexta-feira (10), no Rogers Centre, em Toronto. A cerimônia ...

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Can anyone tell me the same of the song that starts at 2:51?
+Arctic Fox DJ Shub was DJing at the show and the media referred to this song as the Pow Wow Carnival. I asked him on Twitter back in the summer if he'd make the track available but nothing came of it. :(
Who else came here for Nakota LaRance?
+My Sweet Rampage ... Me, Lol... Couldn't see his video on his fan page, cause it was blocked. I'm Bummed!!

LSO & David Charles Abell - Navigation (London Paralympic Opening Ceremony)

David Charles Abell enchanting composition, 'Navigation', performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, as heard in the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 ...

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I was part of the navigation dance cast at the ceremony - it was always so enchanting to walk out into the turqouise blue stadium with the wind gently blowing in your face hearing this music

London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Full Version

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Anyone look at the closing ceremony??? What was this "burning phoenix" doing towatds the end??? I mean, Take That singing We rule the world and the illuminati Phoenix coming out of a burning chaudron. LOL. Who are they are kidding? Well maybe themselves. We are the power. All love.
This was so amazing, thank you to the guy who organized this, too all the people in it who made this spectacular event. Mr bean was undoubtedly my favourite part. Second would be the Children's literature scene with Voldemort FTW! Thank you JK Rowling I love you!!!!
@heartsforhearts123 shut up you low life, the whole point of London hosting is to show it is not a has been country, also any country hosting a multibillion pound event in a recession is extremely impressive
Who ever you are, you are awesome for posting this! Our NBC affiliate channel is out because of storms that hit the area last night! Was so disappointed that I was missing the opening ceremony!
Visually stunning, but I am forced to agree with several other posts. Not much multi nationalism going on, was pretty much a giant ad for "tourism London". Kinda disappointed.
Plz make it available on moble view!!! 'cause thats the only way i can watch it and i want to see He who must not be named and Jk Rowling
The whole ceremony was all about British history the ceremony are suppose to about all nations no the history of a has been country
O.k. ....I'm in america(in ohio) and their just now showing this...Why was this not live in the u.s.?Does anyone know?
Because fascist NBC chose not to livestream it, but go old school taped and prepared copy 3 hours after it started
Anybody know where you can watch the teams march in? It's not in this video and I'd really like to see it :(
This is amazing. I watched this only 2 hours and now its on Youtube?! Anyway, thank you very much!
@heartsforhearts123 its meant to showcase the host country. this your first olympics or sonething?
thanks a lot without watching just follow the comments of appreciation.... it's downloading ...
Thank you! The song sounded very familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on where I've heard it.
I was watching this and suddenly Youtube says it's not available in my country. What the...?
No Doctor Who?! I was waiting for some giant police box to appear in middle of the montage!
vive le français! ta guele esti de pute! ...go back and smells the queens breath..
loool london suksss. Beijing will remain the tittle of best opening ceremony ever.
It looks like they didn't spend much money on it,the Beijing one seems way better
So you mean you couldn't put your finger on the Fuck Buttons? hahahahahaahha
thanx alot sir . I am searching for it for 1 hour .......greetings from egypt
As compare to china this ceremony is nothing nothing special .........
This is absolutely fantastic! I wish so bad that i could be there!
shame they didn't so the imperialistic character of their country!
The music in the beginning is from a band called "Fuck Buttons".
who is that beautiful brown girl withthe curly/afro hair?o
the olympic commity is like the cia, theyll shut you down

Top Gear Live Olympics 2011 - Opening Ceremony

Taxi, Bus, Aston Martin DB9 and Motorbikes perform stunts at London Excel Top Gear Live show - oh and Flaming Rally Cars.

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Great video :) But, it's an Aston Martin V12 Vantage ;)
I swear to god that bus was so loud when i heard it.
@DoMw94 I stand corrected.

"New World" LIVE: Minecon 2013 Opening Ceremony w/ SkyDoesMinecraft

Download the song! //bit.ly/16KcdPV People involved in this project: Steven - Animaton //www.youtube.com/slamacowcreations Pedro - Music ...

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If you ever decide to quit youtube (i sure hope you don't), you could actually be a singer. I would buy all your albums.
+RadiaxPlayz Also... FUCK THAT GREEN LIGHT
Ahh man! I remember the good ole days! Not like they are good anymore of course! I joined the sky army a year after he started and before 1 million. I got to watch friendships bloom and even got to see Team Crafted be made! I cried after hearing his stories and laughed at so many i lost count! I remember him being a dirty piraite mouth and playing cops and robbers so much! Im really proud and happy about what he has become! From recording from home to a office with talented editor and people! I'm really so happy for him! :D
Comment if you are proud of how far the leader of the Sky Army is now and through the ups and downs he us still the funny guy we know and love today Skydoesminecraft
Waves hand around ME! ME! ME!
Was this before or after he made new world
+MCRBLXGAMER The animation was posted 3 days before this video.
So this is like a concert attended by some spoiled kids and their parents who were probably held at gunpoint.I have heard of kids coming from other country's to see minecon.Really.I can't wait to see the replies!
Mostly just wondering about the people from other countries who come here.Thanks for the feedback.
I was there. And sure, there were a lot of kids. I'm definitely kinda spoiled, but I didn't force my parents to take me.
watching in 2016?
I'm watch this in March 16 2016
He still will look like a lumber jack but are lumber jack :)
Anybody remember island of the sky's no oh ok
+Jimmy Gudino it was sooooo nice
+Zachary Brown one of his best survivals
Yup first vid i saw from him, i miss him playing it
I do, it was awesome, but when you look at it now: facpalm ok then... lml
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