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How to view applications on mac Videos

How to Find Applications and Folders on Your Mac

This is a video tutorial about how to find applications and folders on a Mac.

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You sound like you have like a crazy accent? It was pretty cool though. Other than the accent thing you spoke clearly and relatively slowly which was good. Very nice! :)

How To Find All Applications On Your Mac

This is a tutorial reply to a question I got. They said they created a new account and didn't have certain applications in it. In this tutorial I show you how to find ...

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I don't really know a really great solution but you could try these 2. 1. If you have Time Machine you could recover that way 2. You could go into the cookies and see if the website your looking for is in there Safari -> Preferences -> Security -> Show Cookies IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO HELP PLEASE COMMENT
I just installed sims 3 and I don't have that thing in the right corner you clicked on. And I cannot find another way to find that application map. seriously I need help. I just bought my mac and I don't understand anything.
I have the MacBook Air, but I don't have the Mac Hard drive in the right corner of my screen
is there any way to find deleted history and stuff?
wanna know, ask a kid!
you mean in Safari

hidden application support folder on mac 10.6.8, 10.7 and 10.8

this is a tutorial on how to access your hidden application support folder on your mac 10.6.8, 10.7 and 10.8 follow me on twitter: ...

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nah it's cool haha, I know the feeling. Anyway what should happen is when you installed mountain lion it should of come up with a new window with the mountain lion icon to tell you to drag the icon into your applications folder. After that you have to go to into the folder and click on the icon and you will have to restart your computer. Then it will go into the process of installing mountain lion. Sorry if this is complicated for you.
@counterstrikee13 your welcome and no not yet i just needed you to check if it worked for you first so if it does ill keep uploading ill upload about 1 or 2 today but then you need to see if it works before i continue you dont need to download them just yet just see if you can load up the page but if you want to download now you can but they are not all up yet
@counterstrikee13 oh ok yeah i understand yeah i dont really like my new look either i just wanted it there to see if anyone else would like it but yeah i was planning on changing it soon anyway :) ill have it changed by about saturday because in australia we have a long weekend from school this week XD so happy
You can set this in the settings.. to show or hide the library.. .. and you can go to a finder window.. go to the menu bar.. click "go".. then when you press the alt/option key you'll see the library. new lion/mountain lion users, can use this.. macupdate . com/app/mac/39654/lion-tweaks/
Hey this is going to sound really stupid but im new to Mac's so take it easy on me. Im running 10.8.1 Mountain Lion and when I got into finder, theres no way to access my HD to get to my application folders. Do you guys know how to get to application folders on OS X 10.8.1?
Thank you sooooo much, this helped me, i was stuck in offline mode and couldn't find steam, thoug'd i never could play again, than you so much mate i am so happy, now i am downloading my games css is on 41% now thank you so much you helped so much!
Extra tip: open it in the list view, and go back one page so that it appears in the user folder. right-click and select make alias. the alias will still show and allow access to the library, even though the library is hidden.
Thank you. I have been crabby and pissed all morning since my friends put ML on my computer as I knew a bunch of shit was going to change as they said it wouldn't. Thank you and THANKYOU!!!
Thanks, this was very helpful. Do you have any idea on how to permanently unhide it? Kind of annoying to have to input ~/library every time I want to do this.
@counterstrikee13 screw it i decided to change it now because i couldnt be bothered doing it later :P but the change will only hold until march 7th :(
@counterstrikee13 haha dont worry i wont use adf.ly i hate that crappy site as well i never ever use it so you dont need to worry :)
It work for a while once you restart the computer it disapear again, i need my files to show permantely any help.
@thespeedtapper4 yes they are working fine just that my Mac has like screwed up... So please dont use adf.ly...
thanks I was thinking on upgrading to mountain lion next month. Thanks for that link.
i have Library but not applications support, how can i do to solve this problem?
@thespeedtapper4 I mean like old youtube style like i got if you understand
Thank you man i been trying for a while now to find it, now i did.
yep just drag the application support folder to you're desktop. :)
Every one knows how to do this whoever didn't is insane
i fucking love you :D no homo… well maybe a little ;D
I don't have application support in library... help

How to view all open applications on Mac and quit

This is to view all open application on mac and you can quit selectively any application. This is also the quick way to go to finder.
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