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Vca boulder co Videos

Boulder Mountain Biking: Marshall Mesa to Community Ditch to Dowdy Draw to Springbrook Loop

First off I'm not a biker! I ride a couple times a year and had to borrow my roommate's bike for this video. I'm strictly an ultra mountain trail runner. However, I did ...

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Sage, you should do an Ironman. Gotta tick that box some time anyhow and it seems like a lot of fun too. Apart from my first 50 miler I will attempt a half-IM this year
Don't wanna be a stickler and I can't talk to much, as I don't follow this all the time, but I hope you had a helmet? Otherwise cool videos and keep em coming!
dont look down, look ahead and pick a line. Try riding with someone better, it makes you better...
Boulder is pure heaven. I need to move out there!
Holy crap, this got me real motion sick!

Boulder City MTB Enduro

This past September I decided to check out a spot I had never been before, the Boulder City Ghost Town. I didn't know what to expect, so I headed out in my ...

Winter mountain biking in Castle Rock, CO

Durango,Colorado - Hermosa Creek's gravel-paved road DOWNHILL

Hermosa Creeks final down hill on gravel - paved road. I wonder how fast we were going?? With my bro Alan and John Robinette.

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what a great ride hat day and a great weekend. You all will have to come out again soon. We barely scratched the surface.

Dodge Viper drag races

A Dodge Viper drag races at Bandimere Speedway during the KBPI car show in Lakewood, CO.

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is that a dodge dakota rim for the rears?

Donkey Hills Mountain Bike Park @LeviFitness

Donkey Hills Mountain Bike Park- Fort Collins, CO. Goedl Family Best freestyle/downhill in Northern Colorado!

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This place looks awesome. I am moving to Fort Collins in a couple weeks, is it still around?

The Shaky Modular Synth Jam (w/ Tinysizer, Eurorack, MPC 1000, JV-1010, etc.) #TTNM

Made some sounds and tried to sequence them in a musical way, I guess. Also, my Eurorack case construction doesn't look sturdy at all here :D Subscribe for ...

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what a waste of good technology.
Well, it's actually very simple and widely available technology for the most part, so no need to worry. We got plenty of it left :)
Musical indeed. Nice one! What's the word...?..... Rhubarb! Acidy, but very tastefull with a lot of suger added :)
I love adding some sugar :D
O yeah I love this one ; ) Are you reading my mind Ha ha ha
Oh, that was YOUR mind?! I read something, but wasn't sure :D
I can't spell rhubarb
I had to look it up too.
Well that was fun. Nice little upbeat rhubarb. Is everything sequenced from the mpc? 
Yes, apart from one modular sequence, which is played by the Stepper Acid. :)
Nice jam. Btw, thanks for your Messe coverage.
Thanks for watching :)
When you hit the pads on the MPC are you triggering samples?
Thanks for the link. I realized I already know how to do this. I just don't use my MPC in that fashion but now I think I want to investigate it more. I use the same kind of hardware workflow as you. Roland W-30 Keyboard>MPC2000>DMC MX-8 MIDI Patchbay>various samplers and synths. However I also use the MPC to drive Reaper software to record in perfect synch.
No, I mute and unmute MIDI tracks that sequence my gear :) check out this video, in which I explain this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3f8kwpRe-jM&list=PLa9Em_H8Xs_bQY1N7VpAvzAS-uF3LuowZ&index=1

Marco Smolla´s Bavarian Split - Snowboarden in den Bayerischen Alpen

Freeriden in den heimischen Bergen mit Snowboard-Profis aus 4 Generationen - so das Motto von Marco Smollas neuem Film "Bavarian Split". Mit Splitboards ...

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Richtig gutes Video! (: Hat mit sehr gefallen vom Schnitt, Zusammensetzung und allen drum und dran, Richtig gut in Szene gesetzt und natürlich mit wunderbarem Snowboardfeeling.
musik von welchen interpreten?
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