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Nashville tennessee music stores Videos

Everett Drake @ his first CD signing @ The Eastside Gospel Music Store, Nashville TN

Everett Drakes very first CD signing CD Entitled: "Amen Goes Right There!" The turn out was great!

Nashville and Eastern Railroad Shop / Music City Star Facility Lebanon, TN

This is a drive through of the NERR / Music City Star facility on the east side of Lebanon, TN. This location, normally off limits for railfans, is usually only visible ...

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Hi, I was surfing videos on youtube and came across what looked like a Nashville & Eastern locomotive in Mexico of all places. It was numbered 5339 and still had the big NE logo on the side in the green/yellow paint scheme. Here's the video I saw it in if you'd like to see it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHDsyOpuyNw It shows up good at the 5:21 mark.
+Rebel9668 Thanks! I posted that link to the NERR group.

Brad Mathias: Vice President of Operations for Infinity Music Distribution, Nashville, TN

In this clip from www.artistshousemusic.org - Brad Mathias, Vice President of Operations for Infinity Music Distribution, gives a thorough explanation of the ...

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Would it not make better sense to ask God the Father the spiritual questions? Or any of the questions for that matter.
What is that site at 15:50? Sounds like Shellife or Shotlife but nothing comes up for them.
New age labels do great digital distribution for cheap...check'em on facebook
anointed talented gifted very nice ya heard

Radio Moscow kill at Grimey's Music - Nashville, TN

Radio Moscow kill at Grimey's New & Preloved Music. Right after this song I involuntary yelled, "Screw the Black Keys!" Their whole in-store performance was ...

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+Jordan Barbarossa "The Escape" ;)
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