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Hmb columbus ohio Videos

Road to the O 2013: 842lb bench week 2

Jared Enderton - Strongman Training

My other strongman video://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxjj6ro9TyQ Twitter: @ThaEndy500 New website coming soon at: JaredEnderton.com HMB.org ...

User Comments

I had no idea you gained and lost that much weight that fast Jared! If anything that should show almost anyone what can be with a great diet and a commitment to being healthy can achieve awesome job man I enjoy all your videos!
Haha living proof that I brought the 1leg finish to the American WL world! Although I am sure it has been done mannnnny times before haha just not often
wow! guess that much of a bulk is necessary to clean a log or fat bar like that. also i see the one leg overhead finish thing dates back to 2k8 :O
Haha thank you! I did 400 about 7 months later (The link is in the description). It is the first lift after the wrestling highlights I believe.
Thank you! Absolutely it was. It was almost impossible to keep our weight down actually. Rob always ate MUCH cleaner than me though lol
haha edit out swear words and leave in busta rhymes break yo neck nigga. cool clips thanks for uploading
great vid Jared! referring to overhead: "it's not my pet and I never train it"' ...riiiight
Thank you! You are absolutely right. I'll be sure to keep posting them :)
Lol no problem! I noticed the exact same thing. Oh well, it works haha
Damn a 361 axle at 19yo is fucking ridiculous.

Candice Keene at the 2013 Arnold Sports Festival

Ms. Figure International winner Candice Keene takes some time at the Species booth at the Arnold Sports Festival to chat with Elliott Harris on March 3, 2013, ...

Cunha beginning band plays Spongebob Squarepants

The three Cunha band sections played at HMB High School to a packed house.
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