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Classic car eyelids Videos

How to Plastidip eyelids on a Scion tC!

This is what I do to Plastidip my eyelids. It's quick, easy, and cheap. Enjoy! Any question's just leave a comment (:

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How do you put the plate in the bottom?
+Daniel Muniz Honestly I just used some black zip ties. They blended in pretty well

Car show makeup

I didn't have time to make a tutorial for this look but if you guys like the look I can make a tutorial for it. The beautiful eyeshadow I used on my eyelids was B-Slap ...

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She didn't gaing weight dumbass its just because she is wearing the scarf and it is tightened around her face. Your beautiful Eily, and I love the blue in this look.
Ooh...I love how you can REALLY see how lovely that indigo color is. (rather than it being more muted in the last look). Beautiful work.
You are definately one of the most breath takingly beautiful people !! You are making me seriously consider buying B slap cosmetic!!
Was that using bslap cosmetics by any chance? It looks so bright and lovely. I love your tutorials so do more!
thank you so much :) I'm working on a tutorial as we speak so maybe this look will be it for my next tutorial
Its Okay if you have gained some weight but your very pretty inside out thank you so much for the tutorials.
omg i looove ur makeup tutorials!! please please do one for this look :) ur truly amazing at this :)
no problem.. Mashallah you are gorgeous! and very talented :D p.s. check out my channel :D:D
Very pretty!
thank you, yeah the lighting in my house does that indigo shadow no justice :(
@Eily311 You know, some women need extra surgeries only to get them;)
You look GORGEOUS!!!! I so hope you'll do a tutorial on this look!!!
great as always ! YES, please make a tutorail for this look !!!!!
wow that is really pigmented! you are soo beautiful mashAllah!
have fun at the car show eily! makeup's gorgeous as well! =)
Your look is awesome!!! Yes, please do a tut for this look!!
sorry..............I just read the more info box haha
haha i want to pinch your cheeks! you're so cute. :)
omg i love it you should totally do it in a tutorial
you really look like my sister in this video =DDD
beautiful! Maybe you should do a tutorial on it!
plz i love this look i wanna know how to do it

OCuSOFT Baby Eyelid & Eyelash Cleanser :30 Commercial

From the maker of the #1 Doctor Recommended Eyelid Cleanser, OCuSOFT Baby Eyelid & Eyelash Cleanser is a mild, tear-less formula that gently removes ...

Easy Winged Liner & Lashes for Semi-Hooded Eyelids UPDATED Tutorial!

I uploaded a winged liner tutorial over a year ago and now that I have a better camera and feel like I've learned a lot about makeup application, filming, and ...

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Prettyy look!!! n yass this helped cuz i hav severe hooded eyess but its gon tak me awhilee to do the lashes tho cuz i struggle everytimee ughh
+Claire Price yass hun I loved it!! hehe n ohh thtll b great ill b sure to watch tht in the future. :)
+jasmine fleming (TheChickJassyy) yay i'm glad you liked it! i'm probably going to film an in depth false lash tutorial in the near future (once i'm over my cold blehhh) and i'll be sure to give plenty of details!
such a great video!! I lovee to see the different techniques people use for winged liner!! and yaaaaassss ELF is still the best liquid!!!
+muhreesahh thanks girl! I can't live without my elf liner lol
ur really pretty!

➵ Everyday Make-Up Eyelook ✨

Used Products: ☟ ⍟ EYES ➭Eyelid primer Lancome - La base 05 ➭Eyelids Morphe brushes - Cream puff ES3 ➭Brush Boozybrush (classic...

Chadwack - Emerge (audio) (lyrics)

Stopped at a stop and go light I can still hear my mind ghost write Every track i do never goes right My face goes white even tho i know im so tight So i go to type, ...

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this sounds cool I'd love to see a creative music video to go with it
+Alpha Mane dope. me to. thanks.

Most layered bed of nails sandwich - Guinness World Records Classics

This GWR Classics clip is the most layered bed of nails sandwich - ouch! SUBSCRIBE for more amazing videos: //bit.ly/subscribetoGWR Most layered bed of ...

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Dem nail holes doe cx
lol cx
The Guy Who Is At The Bottom Must Be Like The Strongest Of all He has Like Four People on top Of Him
Nah it just doesn't hurt people because it don't put pressure on a certain spike which means it would really hurt
They are not nails if they are not pointy like a needle
Have you ever seen a nail before? They come in a bunch of different sizes. Little panel board nails are kind of like needles but the giant nine inch nails are no where near as sharp. If they came as sharp as needles they would break when hammered in.
No black person would've Ben able to do dat i sound racist don't ti
You sound racist and illiterate
Did anyone not notice that a their was only 1 white guy?!
all their weight is on the blue pillows
He's just stating a fact
Then if it's so easy and pain free you do it
Guys it's actually fine to do as they don't feel like pain as if you lay down on a layer of bed your back doesn't pressure one certain nail , we tried this in physics class
That's why they have to carry them on and off horizontal as they don't want to pressure one part of their bodies on the nails

The Snow Creature || a classic MOVIE encore with the guy from that thing

Let's Check Out ... The Snow Creature || a Sullivan Media Properties classic MOVIE archive encore with the guy from that thing The Snow Creature (1954) ...
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