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Smith college president Videos

President's Blog - Grammy Camp @ McNally Smith

Harry Chalmiers, President of McNally Smith College of Music, speaks with high school guitarist and Grammy Camp alum, Mikey LaSusa, and announces ...

President Carol Christ.mov

Smith College President Carol T. Christ talks about her passion for teaching. Join Smith alumnae and faculty for "Smith Women in Education: Charting a ...

McNally Smith President's Blog: Interview with Jeremy Messersmith [Part 2]

McNally Smith College of Music President Harry Chalmiers interviews the college's new artist-in-residence for the 2012-13 academic year, Jeremy Messersmith.

McNally Smith President's Blog: Interview with Jeremy Messersmith [Part 1]

User Comments

What's that song you play at the end? McNally plays it in all their videos. I really want to buy it :D
Jeremy has a good spirit. His tour has inspired me.

Inauguration of Valerie Smith: President Valerie Smith

President Valerie Smith delivers her presidential address during the ceremony to install her as the 15th president of Swarthmore College.
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