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Joseph Nye on "The Future of Power"

Joseph Nye, University Distinguished Service Professor at Harvard University, discusses some of the central themes in his latest book: "The Future of Power."

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I haven't read his latest book yet, but I doubt Dr. Nye has overlooked the likelihood that China's soft power will be self-limited if the obtuse blockheadedness and bellicose pigheadedness showing today persists and grows. Will this dissipate with a revolution of a color, not red, that happens to make her less vengeful (the middle kingdom's rightful place on top stolen by opium and running dogs etc) and more open to the world in terms other than just trade and resource security? No telling.
Better yet, if one mix the so-called soft power with drones and unauthorized wiretapping around not only inside the United States but also at G20 summit, and hopefully the G8 of this year June 2013, and around the world, the effect would be even much more resounding!
thumbs up if u are here for ur SS hmwk/discussion!

Joseph Nye - On Soft Power

Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor Joseph Nye discusses about his concept of soft power in the context of American diplomacy. For more ...

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I have a major paper on US soft power vis-a-vi US military humanitarian interventions.This helped thnx

Joseph Nye

Are good leaders born or bred? Harvard University's Joseph Nye on that elusive quality called leadership. Monday September 8 2008.

At CEU, Joseph Nye talks global power in the 21st century

At Central European University in Budapest, Harvard University's Joseph Nye discussed his overarching concept of global power in light of the new challenges ...
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