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The car sky Videos

Speed Racer E49 THE CAR IN THE SKY

The Car in the Sky

An 18-year-old driver competes on the international racing circuit with the help of his friends, family and his father's high-tech race-car, The Mach 5.

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What's ironic is that I'm watching the REAL movie on my DVD player now!!!! My dad still kept it from 23 years ago!
Also this episode is not on the DVD at all...
Aww, that is very sweet and mature of Trixie to let Suzie go instead of herself so she can see her sick mother. I guess she is starting to realize not every pretty girl that is in Speed's presence is after him.
She sorta reminds me of Daisy Duke, and she was around before Daisy Duke!

WHEELY Car: NUTS Sent Wheely to the SKY - #12 - Cars Cartoons from PlayLand

WHEELY Car: NUTS Sent Wheely to the SKY - #12 - Cars Cartoons from PlayLand ◁ ♥ Watch and SUBSCRIBE to «PlayLand - Kids Cartoons» channel!

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The Sky High Car Audio Trucks!!!

Some of the most detailed installs I've ever seen. So many of those little things that add up to make the most insane trucks out there! Be sure to check out Sky ...

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Supper clean I wonder what he payed and how long the build took.
It wasn't cheap lol, but they already have gutted the box out of the big truck and have changed it's configuration. I guess they were just playing with box tuning. 
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