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Houston weather ktrk Videos

KTRK 13 Live At Five Open 2015.

Hey guys i have a houston news opens is ktrk tv's live at five with art rascon, gina gaston's in for melanie lawson and travis herzog's in for tim heller does the ...

KTRK - Houston's #1 Station Promo, 7/2015

Brief promo touting the station's success according to ratings surveys during the May sweeps.

Reporter saves Houston Flood Victim On Live TV

Reporter saves Houston Flood Victim On Live TV Il y a 37 minutes - Moment hero reporter saves man from drowning in his car after vehicle submerges in flood ...

User Comments

This guy shouldn't be driving.
+Rebecca Robles Calling the reporter a hero seems to be the most interesting sensational part of the story. But whatever floats your boat.

KTRK Houston's Great Promo, 1985

Dream & Robert Reid getting a little kid his first dunk *Animals not taking crap from kids at a petting zoo *Marvin Zindler leading TSU's Ocean of Soul w/ baton ...

User Comments

Wow I remember this! I was 8 years old and my dad was still alive and kickin'. Those were good days. I miss Houston and the zoo. Now I freeze my ass off in Indiana :(
Marvin's baton twirling skills are pretty good. I read that former Houston Rocket Calvin Murphy twirled the baton for exercise and even performed at special events.
Great!! Thanks so much. I haven't heard this in years, and yet instantly I was singing the words. Completely defined a generation of Houstonians during the 80's.
Very quality spot indeed! It all came back to me as I was watching it. Notice how smooth the video moved...almost like it was a live broadcast?
I can totally remember the TURN TO NEWS campaign! I really loved that song!! lol. Now, if I can find the one for Memphis...
Wow, the dream, Marvin Zindler and a pre-scandalous Calvin Murphy, those were the ddays...lol
Houstontvnews, this commercial was funny with the animal not having it with the kids.
Catchy song, but what does it say at the end, after "13's a part of it?"
"Seven's a part of it... Stand up and tell 'em you're from Detroit!"
TV0 and SAS10 in Australia something similar to this at the same time
@AnonymousTheChipmunk So do I. I would love for it to be revived.
@jarvisbrodiea9 I remember the "Turn to News" campaign, too.
Where are the marching thunder video's I was the Drummer!
Those were the days right there!!!
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