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India pakistan dominion states Videos

Mutual pain of India and Pakistan

Massive population exchanges occurred between the two newly formed states in the months immediately following Partition. The population of undivided India ...

Story of Pakistan

The idea of a separate Muslim state emerged in the 1930s. On March 23, 1940, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, leader of the Muslim League, formally endorsed the ...

Partition Of India

The Partition of India led to the creation on August 14, 1947, and August 15, 1947, respectively, of two sovereign states, upon the granting of independence to ...

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People are forgetting that, before the British came,whole of South Asia was never one country. The Mughals at their height never rules from Peshawar to Tamil Nadu and Assam. There were provinces like maratha and southern states that were princely states So it is wrong to blame the British for partition as they are the ones to bring the whole region together in the first place Without them, the whole region would have comprised of dozens of individual nation states based on ethnicity like Europe
@thepaksoldier1 Hindus&sikhs are just 2%today in Pakistan &enjoy excellent freedom.In the film Jinnah,hindus & Sikhs r shown killing Muslims while Muslims are given a clean chit.Mullahs demand religious column in Passports,no where in the world u will come across.Everything is heavily ILSMICIZED’ in the land of pure.U name it Trade, Commerce, History, Geography,Next in line is Islamic Banking.In history book it is written Islam is the only superior & true religion while others are inferior.
Yes but if there were more Muslims in India racist parties like the RSS and BJP could never have the power they now wield. Muslim civilization in South Asia was largely urban, and by draining the Muslim communities of Lucknow, Delhi, and Hyderabad, the very people who wanted to preserve South Asian Muslim society ended up destroying it. Look at Karachi and Islamabad. India would have 400 million Muslims if we were one nation, no wars oveKashmir. But we're independent now, so lets fix Pakistan.
I'm a Muslim, and I believe that you have to live with non-Muslims for tabligh right? Before the Muslim League transformed being Muslim into being anti-Indian Hindus converted to Islam in large numbers. And in the end does piss drinking and cow worshipping hurt anyone? In Swat little girls have acid thrown on their face for going to school. If Pakistanis spent 1% of the energy they spend hating India on building our country we'd be amazing. Also remember Babur and Akbar were Emperors of India.
Not true. I'm not a Muhajar.. I'm of Pakistani Punjabi origin, and I think it would have been better if the partition did not happen. Look at how many people died and how many people were uprooted from their homes! Many people not only lost their families and friends through the violence that occurred, but also their property and everything they knew. All of that could have been avoided if the partition did not occur. I wish Ghandhi had more influence on this situation, but sadly he didn't...
hi bro u are much concered for indian muslims u must know they are more safe than they are in pakistan who are killed in siya suni conflit check out the history after partion about 13% of population in pakitan were non-muslims(hindus & sikhs) but check wat is their no. now in present era almost
I am pakistani born living in US..after reading the unbias history thanks to internet and knowing the history..i say partition should never have happened...my parents and grand parents migrated from india and they never forgot the place of their birth...this video makes me emotional...we lived for thousands of years and we could have live together for thousands more...the british never wanted to leave..but reluctantly left..but they divided us..
Partition is the best thing that happened even though bastard cow piss drinking hindus killed many muslims today Pakistan is a independant soverign muslim nation where Islam is evident everywhere Mohammed Ali Jinnah Qaide Azam Zindabad He may have passed away but his dream and vision will never end Pakistan will NEVER NEVER belong to the hindus
this video is made by the pseudo secular idiots from India..check the end credits and you will understand what i mean..all are some bengal commies...not a single paki is ever gonna deny that they are not happy from partition..bcoz the muslims always wanted to break the country and they still do want the same...
I truly agree. This video brought tears into my eyes. The partition should have never happened. We would have been a much stronger nation as ONE INDIA instead of Hindustan and pakistan. I wish and truly wish that someday we could be one again (It feels like a dream that may never come true though).
we will partition islam into 20 religions,...some of them will shit on quran,some of then will piss on quran someof them use abusive words to allah your pig god,...indian scientists have proved that allah is pig face animal...and he was slave of lord shiva.....hahahahaha
idiot. muhajirs are ones who created pakistan. Jinnah, Liaquat Ali khan and all the top brass of muslim league were muhajirs. Muhajirs are most educated and have made Karachi what it is...By the way, I am an american ciizen with pakistan origin and indian heritage.
I am a Sindhi American and my grandparents lost everything they had because they were Hindu. My grandparents migrated to India and then to many other places around the world to find work and support their family. I think that it should have never happened.
man i hate it .....if today india nd pak would have been one country....just imagine what strength we would hold.....MIGHTIEST OF ALL COUNTIRES just imagine.... duniya ka sabse taktwar desh ke bare me.....jiske samne chin kya america bhi jhuk jata
partition was done by those stupid brits Hindustanis, i.e. indians, pakistanis and bangladeshis, shouldn't fight against each other. because THIS is exactly what those imperialists want us to do. we should rather keep together and help each other.
"Indian Muslim girls were thrown acid in their faces by hindu mobs in 2002" who was running SIMI in india and with whom support , Please answer this? and there will more babri like incidents if indian muslims didn't stop supporting FUCKISTAN.
most of the non- muslims wer in east pakistan,that is why it was 13% and after th civil war when east pakistan became bangladesh the overall % decreased down to 2% which already existed and still live in pakistan
thats why the numbers of hindus,christians and sikhs decreased in pakistan..if u still include bangladesh with pakistans statistics then yes between them they still have around 15% non-muslim population
we are superior in everything bus terrorism ko chod ker nobody can win in this field . india gave money to pakistan in partion time . sar chupane ke paise nahi or goli chalaney ki batein kertey ho
i agree with u, my grandparents migrated from east bengal too and cud never forget their birthplace. Its but natural. Only ppl who bore the brunt of partition can understand the true pain.
Maybe, but I don't think that it would ever happen. I don't think the rest of Pakistan would agree with it. I personally think it would be nice, but I don't think they would agree to it.
You fabatic mullah should leave USA or hopefully will get thrown out. I Hate altaf hussain but I hate mullahs more..May all the fanatic mullah die...Secularism forever!
the partition was not justified, many indian territory presently, belonged to pakistan, but brits were bribed by hindus, so unjustified partition took place
the best solution is an EU like setup...however, fanatics from either side won't like this solution since it brings the common man from either side together
Agreed. Both India and Pakistan have people from so many different ethnicities. The sub continent has probably more ethnicties then those in Europe
@carolinaindian yes, in your dreams bastard. Those rusty no-use russian weapons that brought the russia down will bring you down too. InshaAllah.
I wish the sub-continent was never divided. We could all have been part of a great and colourful nation. But I guess, I am living in a dream.
sorry..as a pakistani..i don't think partition should have happened...so your statement that of a single pakistani is false
India and Pakistan are two independent countries... live your life and let others to live.
@HusainMd we are not dreaming !! we are improving not like u terrorists ..

Pakistani Kashmiri makes Indian Parliamentarian Speechless in Debate

Pakistani Kashmiri makes Indian senior Minister and Parliamentarian Ram Madhav speechless on the issue of Kashmir. India has no reply to the kashmir issue.

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u.k should talk about pakistan not only pok.
Wow excellent...
thanks :)

Jama Masjid as seen on 15th August - India's Independence day

15th August 2012, New Delhi: Pigeons personify the freedom that Indians do not have, what with sectarian violence and religious strife all across our country ...
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