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Florida state university smith hall reviews Videos

The Most Pretentious Film Ever: Memories from Smith Hall

Simply the the most pretentious film ever made. Inspired by all the pretentious student films you can find online. But of course this is even more pretentious.

FSU- Salley Hall 2010

hooray fall 2010 dormmm.

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If you dont mind me asking what SAT score, GPA, and extracurricular do you need to get into FSU? I mean I looked it all up but I wanna hear from someone who actually got in. Im so stressed and in junior year and I wanna know if I'm doing enough. PLEASE ANSWER!!! Thank You!
its coed but some floors are all girls...socially i know some people who knew a lot of people in the building and others knew no one, its what you make of it
nah, they just came that high....trust me, you're gonna want it that way cause those rooms are ridiculously small
yep, you can detach them....but if you do there is literally gonna be no room to move whatsoever in that dorm
ha, i never even noticed that we had blue and orange towels. give me a break, it is aqua :P
are there a lot of t girls in this dorm? how is the social spect of it
- Did yuh use bed risers to make the bed that high?
what's up with the orange and blue towels?
You can't detached those bunk beds can you?
Your roommates room is dirty!! Small dorms!
dont hate, blue and orange kick ass
is south gate better??

FSU Scrimmage Report: August 22

Courtesy //www.seminoles.com: The second scrimmage of fall camp is in the books, the big topics were quarterbacks and offensive line. https://zlumi.com/de/reviews/2366-mhlbachstberl/

Corazon @ 2011 FSU Landis Hall Block Party

The R.A. staff over at Landis Hall on FSU's campus campus threw a block party in 2011 & invited the Corazon Dancers to provide some entertainment for part of ...

FSU USO Mahler 5 / Mvt. 1

The Florida State University Symphony Orchestra performed Gustav Mahler's Fifth Symphony on October 14th, 2011 at 8p.m. in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall in ...

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@JPutman1183 Music doesn't only come from one school. FSU performed a incredibly difficult and mentally exhausting piece of music. 'Noles or not, that's a pretty great accomplishment.
@JPutman1183 Haha... C'mon now, we can put those petty differences aside just once, can't we? :)
@JPutman1183 sorry but FSU in the music department... way better
@wjms1021 Well said, sir!!
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