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Nbc universal miami florida Videos

Pascale on NBC Miami "South FL Today"

Designer Pascale of Pascale's House of Bling chats it up with NBC Miami.

1986 IMSA GTP Löwenbräu Grand Prix of Miami [NBC Telecast Version] (Full Race)

IMSA Camel GT Championship Löwenbräu Grand Prix of Miami Bicentennial Park Miami, Florida 128 laps on 1.873 mile street course; 239.744 miles March 2, ...

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Has anyone explained to Bobby that a 1-1/2 hour GTP is not a "long-distance endurance race?" The Rolex 24 and 12 Hours of Sebring are endurance , this is a sprint.
I still think they consider them "endurance races" simply because of the type of car that is being raced; 'sportscar racing' and 'endurance racing' are almost interchangeable terms, hence the name of their international series constantly changing between "World Sportscar Championship" and "World Endurance Championship" (it's the latter as of 2015).
"I like to think of the Miami Grand Prix to be a little like Christmas, Tubbs." 
+James G Tubbs brought me here
The worker that almost gets run over is one of my best friends... I was working turn 2, he was in 1. 
Don Johnson says hello to that intro.
that 80s intro though
+James G i was teenager living in soviet union and i didn't know existence of Miami until i saw Miami Vice from finland TV. we could get their broadcast because Helsinki was just 80km away. Of course everything we saw about Miami  was unreal compared of life in soviet union. We didn't have sports cars, luxury hotels, skyscrapers and, luckily, no drug or drugs dealers as well ;). There were only some prostitutes serving western tourists in hotels and they were usually KGB informants as well.
It is the Miami Grand Prix, and it's on NBC. Miami Vice was also on NBC. Miami Vice was the most popular thing to ever be on TV. No surprise they used a relevant intro and even used the exact same font.
I do not remember a city street course any better than this - unless it's in Pau or Adelaide
+Diego Ruiz Yeah but not online, not much for online gaming, but I do play a lot of rFactor. 
+James G Valencia was not too much of a street course but worked great. The problem was that it held F1. Have you ever raced online in there in a game like rFactor or GTR2? Great place to race!
+Diego Ruiz Surfers Paradise is decent, wasn't too fond of Valencia.
What about the longer Surfers Paradise? The Valencia Street Circuit used in F1? There have been some pretty damn good ones
I'd have to say that Albert Park is the best street course.Though I'd love to see Formula1 around the streets of Miami. Screw the defunked Jersey Shore GP, Miami should try get one. They need the tourism, I actually think it'll help the city since tourism there has dropped down a high percentage since the 80s and 90s. 

Jungle Island on NBC Miami's Weekend Adventure

NBC Miami's Jennifer Reeves takes you on a weekend adventure with Jungle Island's VIP Safari Tour. //www.jungleisland.com/ ...

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Why would you EVER think it's OK to sit on a turtle? Shame on you, I hope no one 4 times your size ever tries to sit on you - I have a feeling you wouldn't think it very cute then.
If that were true, I would never be able to get a date.

South Florida Today NBC Miami: Summer wines in a plastic cup

Gwendolyn Osborn shows Trina Robinson three wines that taste good in a plastic cup and are super for summer.
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