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Omaha nebraska fishing Videos

Weekend Angling Nebraska Pond Bass Fishing

The Weekend Angling Crew goes to a farm pond in Nebraska looking for bass, catfish and crappies. Learn some late summer fishing techniques and patterns.

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I understand the bass you caught there wernt 6lbers. but one of your other comments was that someone had a 6.5 lber on the wall from that pond. That is what I was referring to. I am glad to here that you were just keeping bass to control overpoulation. I guess I just misunderstood when you were talking about how they were "eaters"
I wish these were 6 lb bass... more like 1 and 2 pounds. That being said, we do practice catch and release but this pond was a bit overpopulated. We had the pond analyzed and it was suggested we pull out 10 pounds of bass per acre per year to keep the population healthy.
CATCH AND RELEASE CATCH AND RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would you want to kill a 6lb bass?? throw it back and catch it again when it is bigger or better yet, let a little kid catch it when it is 7lbs..Thats what cameras are for
There are but we did not catch them on this trip. Randy has a 6 and a half pounder on his wall out of that pond. We also caught a 10 pound catfish this same trip on a crankbait.
Fun video and looks like a great pond...but is there anything bigger than a keychain bass in there or what?? C'mon!!
wish i had a private pond here in Fremont. only a few private lakes. Izaak Walton lake was pretty good last year.
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Way to go guys, check out my 6.5 Brown at(fishing for trout 5/27/07) by sylvanfish.
Hey! Catch the fish, not the squirrels! Lol great videos guys!
Hah! That's excellent. Should have caught that on Cam.
nice i would love to try there i live in omaha
lol keep working on your casting
woooo...keychain bass XD lol
Cool, I live in Grand Island
lol, lure sized fish

Koi Fish at Omaha Zoo, Nebraska

Koi Fish at Omaha Zoo, Nebraska.

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I want to purchase fish for my pond. does the zoo sale fish to the public?

Asian Small-clawed Otter fishing

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Ahhh yea the Zoo I go there twice a year

Fishing for Spiders.

Ice Fishing Nebraska 2016

Ice Fishing Nebraska 2016, my buddies and I head out to one of our favorite ice fishing lakes to smash on some beautiful rainbow trout. This video was made ...

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Is that bowling lake
no this is Holmes, but im trying bowling on Friday. you live in Nebraska?
Nice vid man, I love seeing so many young trout, they must be doing really well in that body of water
ya they are stocked every year in this lake

Fishermen exercise caution on the ice

A stretch of colder weather in the central Plains has finally afforded local fishermen the chance to set up shop on Nebraska's frozen bodies of water. Subscribe to ...

Fishing with Friends #2: First Time Carp Fishing

My buddy tony has never caught a carp, so we went to my favorite carp lake in Nebraska to get that fish off the list. SONG; "Light it up" By DJ Snake Instagram: ...
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