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Neurological disorders related to speech Videos

Acquired Speech and Language Disorders A neuroanatomical and functional neurological approach

Broca's Aphasia

Broca's aphasia is a neurological disorder typically caused by stroke. It affects the Broca's region in the brain's left hemisphere which is responsible for speech ...

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someone plese explains why they couldn't repeat after the words or sentences. After all, it's just sound mimicking, one doesnt need to know the meaning to repeat the sound, yes? or do they immediately forget the sound being made and quibble out the words on their own?
The audio quality is really bad...which is a shame since it'd be nice to hear the patient's speech.
seriously helpful for my report thank you~!
thank for video, i use it to study :-)
Very helpful video...Thank you!
Thanks a lot for the example.
Thanks for the video
im black

Neurological Music Therapy (BRENDA GAN)

The patient is a 51 year-old English teacher with a left total anterior circulation syndrome who has non-fluent aphasia. Neurological Music Therapy (NMT) is the ...

Children Living with Friedreich's Ataxia

Friedreich's Ataxia is a devastating, genetically-based neurological disorder that progressively takes away a child's motor skills, speech skills, bone and muscle . https://un-electronics.com/de/reviews/806-hotel-villanueva/

Demonstration: How LSVT LOUD helps people with Parkinson's Disease

This video is for demonstration only. Do not perform these exercises without a trained therapist in LSVT. Learn more about LSVT Global: ...

Keynote speech - New treatments for brain disorders -- needs and challenges

Richard Frackowiak, Head of Service of Neurology, CHUV University Hospital, Switzerland.

Division 4 - Angie Parker, Research Delivery Manager

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