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Can you smell Parkinson's?

A woman noticed an interesting smell on her husband's skin. It turned out he had Parkinson's. Now a new research study is looking at the link between skin ...

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Why would this video be "unlisted" ? Even in the summary it lists a URL to donate. It should be VERY public. I'm confused...
+amethyst777 Hi, we'd originally made the video to supplement the news story on our website: //bit.ly/1RWf7UJ We usually leave these unlisted. But we're really pleased there has been so much interest and we've now made it public. Thanks for the feedback.

Loss of smell and Parkinson's Disease

The link between the loss of smell and a neurodegenerative disorder: there's a major study underway on Parkinson's Disease.

How the Body Works : The Olfactory Pathway

The Olfactory Pathway Air inhaled through the nose passes over the olfactory membranes, where chemicals that are in the air stimulate the numerous olfactory ...

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Hey this is perfect for a presentation I have to give. I hope it is okay that I use it : D
i need to know how taste and smell are related.
i love that you chose beautiful colors.
so the projections are bilateral?

Loss of Sense of Smell or Taste After Florida Accident?

//cullen-hemphill.com. Winter Park personal injury lawyer Kim Cullen discusses what an injury victim should do if he or she notices a loss of the sense of ...

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The loss of smell or taste after an accident can have a devastating impact on a person's lifestyle. Check out this video to learn more.

Pet Tarantula Acting Weird

My name is Ty and im having trouble with my First T. His name is Shelby named after one of my favorite cars. The day before I had fed him a mouse and he ate ...

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umm I know I'm late to this video but he was probably molting or dying
that's definitely molting the only only time he should have been worried is if he didn't see the shed skin and tarantulas rarely die on their back
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