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Neurological disorders stem cells Videos

Stem Cell Research: CDKL5, Autism, Rett's & More - CBD (cannabis) & other drugs tested

After succumbing to a lifelong battle with the rare genetic disorder CDKL5 on January 8, 2016, five year-old Harper Elle Howard's final gift to mankind was the ...

Stem Cells and Neurologic Diseases

Stem Cells and Neurologic Diseases Douglas A. Kerr, MD, PhD Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD Southwest Symposium on Neuroimmunologic ...

Alzheimer's and Huntington's: Using Stem Cells to Understand and Treat Disease

(Part 4 of 7) Mathew Mark Blurton-Jones, a professor at UC-Irvine's Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders, spoke at "Synapses Firing: ...

Essential Tremors - Why I support Stem Cell Research

I have a genetically inherited neurological disorder known as Essential Tremors. In this video I discuss what it is, how it effects me, and why I believe in stem cell ...

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It is a difficult thing to live with sometimes these are the things that make my head tremor worse caffiene,confrontation, argueing, anger,lack of sleep,vigerous exercise,excitement,large meals, spicy food,to much alcohol meaning more than two pints.But i find is the best way of controlling my tremor if i need to.Also i find its worse in the morning going down to breakfast when i go on holiday is a nightmare.Essential Tremor use to make me very paranoid but know i don,t care what people think
thank u so much for ur video i too have e.t i had it sense i was a baby i also had a fratured skull so my eyes went crose and now im legally blind but able to see some what my tremors where not understood by docs intil i was 38 wow what a hard a long frustrating situation i was beat up as a child my hands and head shake im on ssi now at 41 in my life i just found away to rise and i went into doing heaiing as holistic healer :) the wouned healer who understands ahhh but it just got so painful
Thank you for having the courage to put your video up. I also have essential tremor, I have for as long as I can remember. The shakes started when I was about 8 or 9. Both of my boys, my brother and my father have it. I do not think it's so rare in young people - the familal tremor anyway. Mine tend to come and go, I have the nod head shake....and REALLY wish there was more awareness. I hate people think I'm an alcoholic when they see my hands shaking, or think that I am afraid of them.
Hi! I am sorry for what you are going through. My sister was just diagnosed with this... it came on suddenly one week ago. She has been under a great deal of stress (including the unexpected death of our brother in an auto accident 4 months ago), as well as other things. Shes 34 years old. She wants me to ask if this affects your voice & your eyes. Her eyes jerk around constantly&she can't walk uptairs. She on a beta blocker & it only helped the hand tremors. Any advice? Thanks SO much
I don't take any medications to control my tremor, the side effects aren't worth it. At the same time, I refuse to allow it to control my life anymore. I don't isolate myself at home any longer. I sail, do wood working and sew....sure some days I find myself in tears over something as simple as trying to use a screwdriver, I am far too stubborn however, to give up the things I enjoy doing.....I won't even go into eatting a bowl of soup. I am a strong supporter of stem cell research.
hello.. well i'm 15 yrs old and i think i might have this but i'm not sure. it started when i was alot of stress last yr. it was a minor but constant twich on my toe then my eye and now its everywhere.. now when i try to keep my hands straight in front of me they shake its not just a twitch. anyone know how to help me find out if i have this? i know it'll just keep getting worse. i asked my doctor about my twich but she didnt seem to care and my parents think its nothing. i disagree.
It could be essential tremor, although there is also the possibility of it being a psychogenic tremor which appears suddenly and will disappear later on. Both psychogenic and essential tremor gets worse with anxiety. However, the fact that you have twitches (fasciculations) suggests that you may have essential tremor due to its comorbidity with benign fasciculation syndrome (BFS), which causes the twitches. Note that both are separate conditions. I'm 17 and I have both btw
While I personally have a difficult time with stem cell research, I am doing all that I can to promote awareness of the disorder and have ultimately elected to donate my brain to ET research when that day comes. There is a HUGE need for people to make these brain donations, so I would encourage others to consider it. I had bilateral DBS surgery at the age of 34 and several corrective surgeries thereafter. 5 brain surgeries is not fun. STILL the best decision I ever made.
@michelle027girl Hi, Michelle. Essential Tremor is EXTREMELY rare to see in someone so young, so it's very unlikely that this is what you have. Mine appeared at the age of 30 and my neurologist and neurosurgeon (some of the best in the country) made a point of saying that 30 yrs old was considered extremely young for ET to show itself. If your worried, I also recommend a visit to a reputable neurologist who can put your mind at ease.
@martinclembo The symptoms first appeared when I was nine. Or rather, that's when they were pronounced enough that I and kids around me noticed. Over time, the tremors have gotten worse; but, most medications don't work for me. Limiting caffeine intake has helped only a little. Massages help with the residual soreness from being in a state of perpetual motion. That's really about it.
great video, and thanks for using it as a response to mine. my ET also affects my gait on certain days. i am saddened to hear that you have not been able to find a medication that works effectively without unmanageable side effects. i share your distress about eating drinking and music. i am a classical musician and rely on propranolol in order to earn a living on horn. best wishes!
Thank you for posting, I was born with ET and it runs through my family, my dad, all of my sisters and my nephew who is 6 even has it and even a 2nd cousin of mine does. I was taught though that ET is what makes you, you. I know there are days where it is almost impossible to do anything. I hope all goes well and I hear March 2010 will be Essential Tremor Awareness Month :).
@rubixcubexo It's not a well recognized disorder in general. Too often it is linked with Parkinsons even though it's not one and the same. All of the medication and research is being put towards disorders which rob people of ..so much more, like their lives. That's not a bad thing. But it would be helpful if ET was recognized as well as a separate entity.
@michelle027girl Essential Tremors is usually genetic and manifests at varying ages. However, the fact that you endured a lot of stress suggests to me that you're dealing more with anxiety. If you're doctor isn't concerned, you're probably okay. But, ask for a referral to a neurologist just in case, for you own peace of mind.
Your video kicked butt. My mom who is 72 has ET. She's already paralyzed on one side due to a stroke. Now her 'good' side has the tremors. It's a bad, sad situation right now. I sure could use some tips/support on what's helped you on a daily basis. Is there anything I can do, govt wise, to help on this issue?
Precisely. It is frustrating as hell. Most of the medication for tremors of any sorts, most of the treatments for tremors or any sorts, are geared for tremors that result from Parkinsons. It's frustrating as hell.
saw your video. i am on primidone now. side effects suck..literally. i cracked my head open in the military and it really came out. i am having the brain implants done shortly. keep your head up and god bless
Oops. Accidentally hit send. Anyway, I have a permanent movement disorder from meds I took years ago. I wish I could take something like Cogentin for it, but it makes me sick.
Have you tried beta blockers? I've heard they can yield significant improvements. I don't have ET, but do have permanent akethesia from having been on
Oops... Accidentally hit send. Anyway, I have a permanent movement disorder from meds I took years ago. Tried Cogentin for it, but it made me sick.
what frustrates me the most is the lack of understanding from other people everbody knows parkinsons but so very few know of essential tremor.
As for ET rarely appearing in one so young - mine manifested when I was 9. So. It isn't entirely unheard of, as an fyi.
I was recently diagnosed with this at the age of 16, and I've heard that it's progressive. Is this true?
i totaly support steam cell research people are aragant and ignerant to what it is and what embreos
Beta blockers have had no effect on me, sadly. :/
god bless u sister,,, u are a lovely soul
@timidas I fully agree with you!

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