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Neurological disorders upper limb Videos

ECHN Rehabilitation Center at Big Sky Fitness

Upper Limb Tension Test (Median Nerve Bias)

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what symptoms are you looking for in particular and why?
Pain that reproduces symptoms, this was you can identify the problematic nerve.

General Musculoskeletal Screening: Upper Extremities

Don't hesitate to comment below if you have any questions or additional phrases General Musculoskeletal Screening: Upper Extremities Gregory Crovetti, M.D. ...

Upper Limb Tension Test (Radial Nerve Bias)

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Upper Limb Stroke Recovery. Feldenkrais and Mirror Therapy

Mirror therapy consists in creating the illusion of perfect bilateral synchronization. If you put your left hand behind a mirror and your right in front, you can trick the ...

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I am a feldenkrais pratiction. .i know that awareness have magical effect but it' always make me wonder 

Mixed central and peripheral neurological disorders

This video is part of the course Introduction to Neurology: www.introtoneuro.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJaXGRxxjnF2mvLiOFmmHLQ/about.

static gait position at wall for lat flexion rotation

www.sarahcourtyoga.com/quantum-leap Are you ready to take a quantum leap beyond repertoire to the next level of movement knowledge? Move beyond the ...
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