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Neurological disorders mistaken for autism Videos

TGen Center for Rare Childhood Disorders Provides Answers to Hauer Family

This TGen Foundation video honors the too-short life of Ryder Cash Hauer. Ryder's family praises the efforts of TGen and its Center for Rare Childhood ...

Hopkins To Help Girl With 2 Rare Disorders

A 6-year-old girl from Turkey with two rare disorders is getting a chance at survival thanks to doctors at Johns Hopkins Children's Center.

Olivia's obstacles: facing a rare disorder

//www.midlandsconnect.com Olivia Williams is two years old and was diagnosed with TARS Syndrome the day she was born.

Nutrigenomics in Clinical Practice - Genes, Food, and Specialty Diagnostics

The human genome is comprised of approximately 3 billion base pairs of DNA. Many people mistakenly assume that the presence of a certain gene or single ...

Misdiagnosed Chesterfield man told he was dying, actually had Lyme - NBC12 23-02-2016

It was a January day that hit the Slatner family hard and swift. After more than a year of watching his body fall apart, Matt and his wife Stephanie, of Chesterfield, ...

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Sad how many times they do this to patients and refuse to diagnose Lyme disease, maybe one reason is they really don't know how to treat a late stage Chronic Lyme or neuro Lyme patient to save their life.. they have no experience and or training in something like that for sure. Its best if you have late stage Lyme condition a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor knows best..
man I hope they fire the doctor and whole staff and tell me which hospital that is. that way my family don't go there and get screwed ,this poor guy will never fully recover. when Dr's don't listen to their patients run for your life
Typical. My own doctor told me there's no such thing as chronic Lyme. He wouldn't even look at the things I'd researched. Thank goodness for doctors who think outside the box, because they're the only ones who listen.
Cannabis oil can bring relief.

The Anti-Vaccination Movement: Replacing Science with Superstition

Dr. Greg Forbes, GRCC Biology Professor, presents that more than 2 centuries have passed since the first vaccines were used to prevent disease and the ...

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Good presentation; based on your statistics, you should present this to every county in Michigan. 
+jwt242 "Ther are lies, damndable lies, and statisticts".  Mark Twain.
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